Vendor Workshops:

The following vendor workshops will be offered at 8:30AM during the breakfast buffet each morning of the conference.

Ottobock - Tuesday, August 15

Advancements in myoelectric control for bebionic
This workshop will give insight into Ottobock’s vision for the future of advanced myoelectric control of the bebionic hand. Attendees will learn how these more intuitive controls provide upper limb prosthetic users improved functional use and performance of their prosthesis. 

Coapt- Wednesday, August 16 

Pattern Recognition: Enhanced Myoelectric Control for Upper Limb Prosthetics
Spend an informative session with the professionals from Coapt and users of Coapt’s COMPLETE CONTROL pattern recognition system. Attendees will learn the basics and benefits of this powerful technology and be introduced to the newest generation solution – a reimagined, smaller, more power-efficient system redesigned to simplify fabrication challenges. The workshop will include live demonstrations of enhanced prosthesis control and interactive opportunities to have questions answered. Finally, attendees will learn how to best involve Coapt’s evaluation and fitting resources and what to expect both from the system and from patient performance.

Touch Bionics by Össur - Thursday, August 17

Touch Bionics by Össur: Advanced Solutions for Upper Limb Loss and Deficiency 
Attendees will learn about the latest innovations from Touch Bionics by Össur. The i-limb™ quantum and i-digits quantum can change grips with a simple gesture. Overviews of these full and partial hand solutions will be provided. This workshop will also preview the supro wrist. With the addition of the supro wrist to the product line, simultaneous pre-positioning of the wrist while entering grips is possible.    

Infinite Biomedical Technologies - Friday, August 18

Enhancing myoelectric prostheses with Infinite Biomedical Technologies
Infinite Biomedical Technologies (IBT) will review their innovative upper limb technology including flexible batteries, low profile electrodes, and give attendees a sneak peek at their new pattern recognition system.  For myoelectric researchers, IBT will also provide a brief demonstration of research tools that have been developed to help facilitate prototyping of new prosthetic control strategies.  Come to this session to learn more about these innovative products!