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Drop Spindle

CCOM 1323 FRE02

drop spinningEnter the creative world of fibre arts! In this one-day workshop, learn how to make yarn from carded wool through the magic of twist. Workingwith different types of prepared fibre, you’ll also work with hand spindles. Informative instructor demonstrations guide you in the process of how to make a plying ball and two-ply wool yarn, as well as review other handy equipment. As well, you’ll explore methods for dying wool with food colours and what to make with your first yarn samples, along with helpful resources for future creative projects!


There will be two supplies packages available: one for $20 or another for $7 (payable in cash to the instructor at the workshop). Choose the one that's right for you! You’ll receive a bag of undyed carded wool to keep and will have the use of a very basic top-whorl spindle and an equally basic bottom-whorl spindle during the workshop. The $20 option allows you to keep both spindles and receive a bonus bag containing dyed wool for experimenting with, plus a large button and a ceramic bead for when you try plying at home. If you opt for the $7 supply package, you’ll receive only one spindle to take home, and will need to source your own button and bead. 

Instructor: Margot Pickard
Times: 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Dates: (FALL) Saturday, November 4, 2017 (1 class)
Location: Room 26, Memorial Hall, 9 Bailey Drive, UNB Fredericton Campus (click here for campus map)
Course Fee: $55 (+HST) 

About the Instructor

Instructor Margot PickardMargot was once a knitter, but once she attended a spindling workshop she realized that she liked yarn way more than knitting or crocheting. She originally thought she wanted to be a handspinner and she even attended a sheep-to-shawl workshop once, but the emphasis was on using spinning wheels. She's regretful about that since she could have been spindling for all those years when she couldn't afford a wheel! After finally splashing out on a second-hand wheel, she had ‘Epiphany Number Two’: she prefers the spindles! She discovered that wheels are complicated, but that “anyone can spin a stick." Even though those two workshops many years apart are her only informal qualifications, so far her success rate at teaching others to spindle is 100%!


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