Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish

The University of New Brunswick offers a Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish as a second language. The program is designed to give working adults, as well as regular University students who are not specializing in Spanish, an opportunity to follow a coordinated program of Spanish as a second language over a period of several years. Participants follow a series of courses from the University's regular program in Spanish.

The goal of the program is to upgrade the five basic skills of language, (speaking, listening, translation and interpretation, reading, and writing), thus enabling students to acquire a functional command of Spanish.

All courses for the Certificate are regular degree courses. Thus, students in a degree program may obtain credits towards their degree, and at the same time complete the course requirements for the Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish. However, students are not required to enrol for a degree in order to follow the Certificate program.

The program is administered by the Department of Spanish on the Fredericton campus.

The Certificate program will be of particular interest to those preparing for or working in careers where a functional command of Spanish is desirable.

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