Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) can be an integral part of the BIS admission process for students who haven't transferred in the maximum number of credits - 75.

PLA refers to the evaluation of learning achieved through work, life, and educational experiences; and how that learning relates to UNB courses and programs. PLA isn't the granting of credit for experience but rather for university-level learning.

In order to make an assessment of your learning, the faculty-based assessment committee needs to understand the following components.

You will need to provide detailed documentation that clearly demonstrates:

  • Your prior knowledge/skills
  • Relevance of your learning in relation to the desired outcomes of the program/course(s) for which the PLA credit is being sought (how does your learning connect or is equivalent to the course/program content?)
  • Evidence of your learning

Evidence of your learning may be demonstrated through the preparation of:

  • A highly detailed learning summary that targets a particular subject area
  • A portfolio of learning that is more broad based in nature
  • An interview with a designated faculty member; or
  • A challenge exam

The BIS coordinator can guide you in preparing your PLA submission.