Admission requirements

Applicants to the BIS program without a prior degree will meet the following requirements:

  • Have acquired a minimum of 30 credit hours of transferable credit of previous post-secondary study. Transferable credit may also include credit awarded through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).
  • Been out of high school a minimum of seven years; during this time you may have worked and/or acquired post-secondary education credit or professional training.
  • As a final step in the admission process, you will have an interview with the BIS coordinator to ensure this is the right program for you.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Previous post secondary study/learning

A. Previous university study from institutions other than UNB
University credit with a grade of C or better acquired from an accredited institution will transfer into the BIS as elective credit.

B. Previous UNB university study
UNB credit with a grade of C or better will transfer into the BIS regardless of the previous program.

The maximum transferable credit to the BIS from institutions other than UNB is 75 credit hours. Your chosen university minor will be current study (at least half of your minor must be taken through UNB Fredericton, this includes UNB online courses.) You may opt to take a second minor based on your areas of interest. The balance of your program will be elective credit geared to meet the overall program requirements, that can build on your personal or professional interests, or expand your minor field of study.

C. College study
College credit will be reviewed on an individual basis based on the transcript and course outlines provided by you during the admission process. The maximum transferable credit to the BIS from institutions other than UNB is 75 credit hours.

D. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
Along with your college and/or university credits, university-level learning acquired outside of college or university will be reviewed under the guidelines of UNB's Prior Learning Assessment policy. Please note, the PLA process begins once you apply to the BIS program. On average, students who apply for PLA receive 6-9 credit hours towards the program, however the amount of credit awarded varies based on the type of learning and how it relates to UNB courses.

E. No previous post secondary study
We will look at possible credit through PLA. Should you not have the minimum admission requirements, you can still begin your studies as a "No Degree" student. "No Degree" allows you to take credit courses prior to being admitted to a program, and courses can be transferred into the BIS later. There are some advantages to this route: you can try different courses to see where your interests lie; you can establish a current GPA that helps build confidence in further studies; you can determine how your studies will fit with your work/life commitments. Once you meet the BIS admission requirements, we will proceed with your admission assessment.

F. Block Credit
Police officers who are currently working in the field and who have successfully completed the Holland College Police Science Program (or comparable program from another designated Police College in Canada) are eligible for 30 credit hours of elective study within the BIS program. Additional credit for professional development and training associated with acquiring a specific rank will be assessed on an individual basis.

G. Articulation Agreements
The BIS will consider transfer credit (as it relates to the overall BIS program requirements) based on existing Articulation Agreements between:

  • post secondary schools and other UNB faculties
  • post secondary schools and other accredited public universities in Canada (AUCC members)