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Fredericton International TubaFest – 2007 was a fun, interactive event. This year participants from New Brunswick were joined by colleagues from Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec, Maine and New Hampshire. Friday started with the usual warm up of breathing exercises, long tones, and arpeggios. This was followed by the large ensemble led by Richard Hornsby of the UNB Centre for Musical Arts.

tubafestThe two clinicians Adam Frey and John Griffiths then led master classes. Participants included Jon Hall and Susie Jones on euphonium and Randy Maunder and Celina Barry on tuba. Following lunch Adam led a workshop on ensemble playing, providing a background for John’s interview on the CBC radio show Q.

Following dinner there was a mini-concert. Three euphonium players from Southern Maine were joined by two tuba players from Fredericton to perform O Canada, America the Beautiful, and The Blue Bells of Scotland. Jon Hall, from Maine, then discussed and demonstrated two antique instruments, the Ophicleide and an over-shoulder baritone saxhorn.

tubafestSaturday started with a warm up and John’s workshop on sound production in low brass instruments – keep the air flowing. The small ensembles then worked on music for the evening concert. Following a break Bill Cosman of Bill’s Horn Shop in Moncton, NB led a discussion group on instrument maintenance.

Adam kicked off the afternoon with a workshop on effective practice techniques. Take home message – set realistic goals, write them down and actually work on them. The small ensembles then met for a final time.

Following a break Adam and John gave suggestions on how to take advantage of anxiety to lead to a good performance. The large ensemble then touched up numbers for the evening performance.

For the evening concert Jean Sutherland joined Adam in performances of: A Walk in the Woods - Censhu, Nessun Dorma - Puccini/Frey, and Gypsy Airs - Pablo Sarasate/Frey. John and Jean performed The Legend of Heimdall - Elizabeth Raum.
The large ensemble then continued work on numbers to be performed in the Saturday night concert. The afternoon ended with more master classes with Evan Trippel and Loius-Martin Lebrecque –Harbour on tuba and Myriam Bergeron, Elliott Woodbury and Bill McIver on euphonium.

tubafestThe local sponsoring quartet, the Antique Brass, finished the participant portion of the concert with Allegro from Water Music – Handel/Rauch, Kiss Polka - Warren/Grim, and Ronde and Salterelle – Susato/Winter. Adam then took the “stage” for Pantomime – Sparke, and Danny Boy followed by John playing E. Raum’s Sweet Dances: Blew Tango, Dot Polka, Waltzin' Matuba, and A Hard Knight's Day. Then Adam and John joined forces for Sonata in F major (no. 11) - Telemann. Following the concert the group divided into two small ensembles led by John and Adam to read through a number of pieces.

Adam and John then led the small ensembles in: I Been Workin’ on the Railroad - Arr. Vaughan, Pennsylvania Polka - Lee & Manners/Grim, Dixie – arr. Vaughan, Howndawg Stomp - Gray, Billboard March – Klohr/Martin, Broadway One-Step -King/Knoener, Liechtensteiner Polka - Arr. Grim, and Slavonic Dances Op. 46, No.8 -Dvorak/Butler.

All the participants, John, Adam, and Lance Nagels then joined together to perform:
Flourish - Vaughan Williams/Butler, O Magnum Mysterium – DeVittoria/Cummings, Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue - Arr. Nelson, Prelude in C - J.S. Bach/Shoop, Army of the Nile - Alford/Wilkinson, and Custard from “Tuba Sauce” - Smalley all under the direction of Richard Hornsby.

The weekend was made possible by grants from artsnb, nb/quebec cooperative agreement, Yamaha Instruments, Tony’s Music Box, Assante Financial Mgt., and private donations. Roger Smith was the official photographer.

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