Desserts (6-10)

Four separate Dessert camps, with different recipes each week!

- Dessert 1 (6-10) CKID 6006
- Dessert 2 (6-10) CKID 6007
- Dessert 3 (6-10) CKID 6016
- Dessert 4 (6-10) CKID 6018

Desserts, desserts, desserts – what could be better! While experimenting as a Junior Iron Chef, you’ll also be exploring the delicious world of desserts – yummy! You’ll get hands-on experience using kid-friendly recipes. You’ll also learn how to set a table and serve a meal, plus meet a real-life chef and learn about the food we eat and the Canada Food Guide…No experience necessary, just a love of cooking. Bon appétit!

Allergy Alert: Due to the nature of the Jr Iron Chef Camp, we cannot guarantee that the food products used for the cooking classes have not come into contact with nuts or other allergens. Also, the camp recipes involve a variety of food products. Any serious allergy concerns should be discussed with the Camp Director before registering.

Four Separate Camp Dates:
1. Dessert 1: July 4 - 7 (* 4 day) (SOLD OUT!)
2. Dessert 2: August 8 - 11 (* 4 days) (SOLD OUT!)  
3. Dessert 3: August 28 - September 1 (SOLD OUT!)
4. Dessert 4: July 24 - 28
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Drop-off from 7:45 a.m. and pick-up by 5:00 p.m.)
Cost: $145 for Dessert 1 OR Dessert 2 and $179 for Dessert 3 OR Dessert 4
HST is not charged for children 14 years and younger.

Materials Fees: A $15 materials fee applies. (Please pay in cash at the camp on the first day.)

Drop-off location:  The Drop off location is the Kitchen of McLeod House, 810 Montgomery Street, except the week of August 28 - September 1, when it will be in Room 114, Marshall D'Avary Hall, 10 Mackay Drive, UNB Campus (this is the Faculty of Education building, the wing closest to the Aitken Centre.) (click here for campus map)

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Register for Dessert 1 (6-10) CKID 6006 (SOLD OUT!)
Register for Dessert 2 (6-10) CKID 6007 (SOLD OUT!)
Register for Dessert 3 (6-10) CKID 6016
Register for Dessert 4 (6-10) CKID 6018

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