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Hamidreza SharifiHamidreza Sharifi is an Iranian traditional percussion player. He graduated from the Art University of Shiraz. Since he was very interested in old Iranian traditional music, he started learning it eagerly in 1998. Hamidreza took several courses to be trained in Percussion Instruments of Persian Music such as Tonbak, a Persian Hand Drum, and Daf, Middle East Frame Drum, under the supervisions of some esteemed grand masters such as Navid Afghah and Reza Kavari. He also has benefited from the guidance of grand masters like Farhad Fakhreddini, an Iranian composer, conductor and founder of Iran’s National Orchestra, Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammadali Kianinejad and Hamidreza Norbakhsh in their master classes. Due to his interest in rhythm, he began studying knowledge of technique and rhythm under the supervision of Navid Afghah, master of Tonbak. He has joined in professional concerts within Iran and abroad. Hamidreza composed and performed music for theatres and plays. Besides, he was an active member of some music bands which were performing and recording music for Radio and Televison and different TV series. He had been teaching Tonbak and Daf to music students in different ages for twelve years and teaching Knowledge of Technique and Rhythm for three years at music institutes in Shiraz. He taught at University of Sistan&Baluchestan as an instructor for one year.

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