Profile Photos

In Blackboard, users have the option of adding a photo of themselves to their personal Blackboard profile.

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Visible in All Your Courses

If you choose to add a photo, that photo will be available in every Blackboard course you are currently enrolled in; however, Profile photos are not viewable outside of Blackboard, and can only be seen by your fellow classmates, ie. any student or instructor enrolled in the same courses as you.

profile pic imageWhere Are They Seen? (Sharing Issues)

There are several ways to view the Profile photos shared by your classmates.
The simplest way to view profile photos is to use the ROSTER Tool, found under
the COURSE TOOLS toolbar. The ROSTER Tool is a 'class list' tool, which also
displays any profile photo uploaded by your classmates; however, the ROSTER
Tool is an *optional* tool enabled at your instructor's discretion, so its availability
will vary from course to course.




Additionally, Profile photos can also be viewed wherever a classmate's name is displayed as a blue link, known in Blackboard as a 'PeopleLink'. To view a profile photo using a PeopleLink, click the grey icon to the right of their name, and select 'View Profile'. PeopleLinks display in Discussions, email, and chat, and any student's profile may or may not be viewable, based on their profile sharing preferences.
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How Do I Add a Photo?

    To add a photo to your Blackboard profile, follow these steps:

    NOTE: Photos *should* be 320 x 240 and must be in either the JPG or GIF format. If you need to resize or crop your photo, you can use '', a free, no signup required online photo editor to quickly edit your photo. Visit to edit a photo, and for the latest information on Snipshot's privacy policies]

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Your are now on the MY UNB COURSES homepage. Click the MY SETTINGS link in the upper right-hand corner.
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  3. You are now on the MY SETTINGS > MY PROFILE page. Click the EDIT PROFILE button at the bottom left of the screen.
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  4. Click the 'Browse' button which has appeared beneath the 'Photo' image. A popup window will appear. Click the 'MY COMPUTER' Icon, locate the photo file on your computer, select it and click the 'OPEN' button to upload it to Blackboard.
  5. You will see that the photo preview now displays your photo. *Be sure to click the SAVE button on the far bottom left to complete the update to your profile.

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          After saving, your photo will be immediately viewable to your classmates throught the optional ROSTER Tool and course PeopleLinks.