Program Planning & Wellness in the Workplace

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DOHS 4260

Instructor: Shelly Bischoff

Understanding the factors that influence workplace health provides a framework for the development of wellness programs, as many chronic conditions are preventable when the underlying causes of poor health are effectively addressed. An effective program can have a positive impact on employee turnover, absenteeism and productivity, which in turn lowers employee benefit costs.
This course guides OHS professionals through a four-step program planning process: to establish a starting point and sense of direction, the course launches with strategies for conducting an employee health assessment; the planning and implementation sections provide critical content, as well as numerous examples of successful programs in action; the course then wraps up with techniques and tools for effective program evaluation. By the end of this course, participants should be able to develop their own workplace wellness program.


  1. Introduction to Wellness
  2. Practices and Behaviours that Impact Worker Health
  3. Situational Workplace Assessment
  4. Forming an Effective Plan
  5. Implementing a Wellness Program
  6. Program Measurement & Evaluation

About the instructor:
Shelly Bischoff is Founder and Director of Ptolemy & Associates lnc.. She is a Registered Nurse (SIAST), a Certified Occupational Health Nurse (Grant McEwan College), and a Certified Human Resource Professional and Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CSSP) with over 20 years of experience in the areas of OHS, wellness and disability management, and is a national speaker in these areas of expertise.

Shelly has worked with both public and private sector organizations and implemented a National award-winning disability management program in the municipal sector in 2000. She has served on the Alberta provincial boards of Alberta Motor Association, Governors for Children, McMan Youth, Family & Community Services, and was appointed by the government to the Practice Review Council for the Alberta College and Association of Physical Therapists and Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association.

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