Safety in Complex Work Environments

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DOHS 4231

Instructor: Jesse Martell

Confined spaces and other complex environments can present unusual risks for workers, such as hazardous atmospheres. Emergency response from these environments similarly needs to be carefully thought through before work can begin. This course is aimed at safety professionals responsible for providing advice and leadership to manage these risks. Participants will develop an ability to assess the risks associated with confined spaces and other complex environments, and to develop, communicate and implement a hazard management program to control these risks.


  1. Introduction to Complex Work Environments
  2. Regulatory Framework
  3. Types of Spaces
  4. Confined Space Hazards
  5. Hazard Assessment
  6. Controls
  7. Emergency Planning
  8. Competency Development and Assessment
  9. Inspections, Audits, and Continuous Improvement

About the instructor: Jesse Martell is a Partner at MTS Professional Health and Safety Consulting in Toronto, Ontario. He has a diverse background with over 10 years as an Occupational Health and Safety Professional. He has been involved in areas such as policy and program development, prosecutions, consultations, accident investigations, curriculum development and has had a personal passion in workplace health and safety, especially in workplace training and auditing.

Jesse graduated from York University with Bachelor of Business Administration and Athabasca University with an MBA. Jesse is actively involved in promoting the health and safety profession by teaching Health and Safety at the post-secondary level for various College/University institutions in Ontario.

He personally holds the CRSP designation from the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

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