Human Performance Leadership

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DOHS 4131

Instructor: Susan Sawatzky

The success of organizations depends in large part on their commitment to effective leadership, which in turn leads to the overall performance of the organization. Effective leaders contribute to the success of their organization by driving productivity and growth, and building talent.

This course is aimed at OHS professionals who are transitioning into a management position with a higher level of responsibilities and who wish to sharpen their leadership skills. It does so by providing tools and strategies to motivate employees, build partnerships, manage change and deliver results at the individual, team and organizational levels.


  1. Role of Leadership
  2. Emotional and Authentic Leadership
  3. Employee Commitment and Engagement
  4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  5. Leading High Performance Teams

About the instructor:
Susan Sawatzky, owner of In-Scope Solutions, is an independent consultant for health and safety in the oil and gas and mining industries. Recent industry experience has included assisting a major mining corporation negotiate a fatigue based variance in response to new strict fatigue legislation in the Yukon. Susan was also involved in creating fatigue policy and guidelines for the Canadian oil and gas industry. Her work, though a key safety association, was instrumental in advancing the Fatigue Guiding Principles Agreement signed by the 6 key associations for the Canada oil and gas industry.

Susan holds a B.Ed. and has over 15 years of experience in resource development, and in education and training.

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