Effective Workplace Training

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DOHS 4140

Instructor: Susan Sawatzky

To be able to educate the company's employees on matters of OHS, safety professionals need to be skilled and knowledgeable in effective methods and techniques to plan, develop, conduct, and evaluate adult education and training programs. With this knowledge, the safety professional can support formal training and on-the-job coaching. The skills acquired can be applied to mentoring colleagues dealing with health and safety situations and help them develop new skills.

This course takes the student through all stages of the training and education process; from the planning phase, via how to design training components, to preparing instructional plans and conveying the necessary content by means of instruction. The last part will be addressing the evaluation of the process.


  1. Human Resource Planning
  2. Identifying Training Needs
  3. Designing Training
  4. Understanding the Adult Learner
  5. Preparing Instructional Plans
  6. Delivering Training
  7. Evaluating Training Effectiveness

About the instructor:
Susan Sawatzky, owner of In-Scope Solutions, is an independent consultant for health and safety in the oil and gas and mining industries. Recent industry experience has included assisting a major mining corporation negotiate a fatigue based variance in response to new strict fatigue legislation in the Yukon. Susan was also involved in creating fatigue policy and guidelines for the Canadian oil and gas industry. Her work, though a key safety association, was instrumental in advancing the Fatigue Guiding Principles Agreement signed by the 6 key associations for the Canada oil and gas industry.

Susan holds a B.Ed. and has over 15 years of experience in resource development, and in education and training.

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