Effective Communication

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DOHS 4110

Instructor: Susan Sawatzky

To bring awareness to the importance of OHS and maintain a safe workplace, OHS professionals must be able to listen actively, think critically, speak persuasively, and deliver messages effectively. This requires a solid understanding of the different stakeholders and an ability to address their different needs and concerns. This course explores the role of communications concerning OHS in organizations, with an emphasis on negotiation and facilitation as tools to manage the OHS function more effectively.


  1. Influencing Organizational Stakeholders
  2. Communicating the Value of OHS
  3. Relevant Messages and Presentations
  4. Facilitating Meetings and Information Sessions
  5. Communicating Essential Feedback
  6. Negotiating on Behalf of an OHS Culture

About the instructor:
Susan Sawatzky, owner of In-Scope Solutions, is an independent consultant for health and safety in the oil and gas and mining industries. Recent industry experience has included assisting a major mining corporation negotiate a fatigue based variance in response to new strict fatigue legislation in the Yukon. Susan was also involved in creating fatigue policy and guidelines for the Canadian oil and gas industry. Her work, though a key safety association, was instrumental in advancing the Fatigue Guiding Principles Agreement signed by the 6 key associations for the Canada oil and gas industry.

Susan holds a B.Ed. and has over 15 years of experience in resource development, and in education and training.

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