Data Driven Decision Making

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DOHS 4290

Instructor: Kari Dunfield

The degree to which an organization manages occupational health and safety (OHS) has important implications for a wide range of stakeholders. Increasing scrutiny from many of these stakeholders results in a demand for high quality information; information that must be relevant, valid, comparable, and reliable.

This course is intended for any individuals who have a stake in the day-to-day management and support of organizational processes, or those who would like to improve their organization’s performance through a process orientation and process control. In every aspect of our lives we are both consuming and creating vast amounts of information. However, much of the promise of data-driven approaches within organizations has failed to materialize because managers find it difficult to translate this data into decisive action. The general objective of this course is to fill this gap by providing the student with tools and techniques that can be used to make business decisions with confidence.


  1. Why Use Data Driven Decision Making
  2. What to Measure and How to Measure
  3. Basic Statistics
  4. Regression and Correlation
  5. Benchmarking, Continuous Improvement, and Justification of Investment

About the Instructor
Kari Dunfield is currently a senior partner in Verus Consulting, a management consulting firm providing practical assistance to organizations and corporations through research, process redesign and strategic planning.  She has a broad range of experience, from start-ups to international organizations. 

Prior to starting her own business, Kari was the manager of Marketing and Instructional Strategy at LearnStream. She was responsible for leading a team of specialists in market research, competitive intelligence, marketing strategy and brand development. Kari also worked with the consulting and instructional design practice at LearnStream advising on projects for the World Health Organization, the Wharton School of Business, Nortel and Health Canada.

Kari received her BSc in Physics (Honours) and her MSc in Laser Spectroscopy from the University of New Brunswick

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