Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

The OHS Diploma is an advanced program designed to develop leaders in the area of health and safety with a mixture of business management skills and specialized technical health and safety skills.

The intent of the program is to broaden managerial skills as well as deepening technical skills. A differentiating theme throughout all courses will be a focus on “system thinking” rather than “incident thinking”.

The Diploma consists of four core Management courses that focus on giving the broad understanding of business, leadership, communications, workplace training, and decision-making.  Six additional elective courses must be taken, selected from eight courses on specific technical topics in Occupational Health & Safety.

Who should attend?

UNB's OHS Diploma is designed for supervisors, managers, and OHS leaders.  It includes advanced programming in Occupational Health & Safety as well as courses in leadership, business, management, and special topics specifically developed  for CRSP and OHS Certificate holders.


A valid CRSP designation or a UNB approved OHS Certificate program.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Unique Online Format

The OHS Diploma is available in a completely online, self-paced learning format that fits your schedule. When you enrol in the Diploma, you can be assured that UNB staff will be there to meet your unique needs. Please click on any of the links on this page to view information about this program, pricing, request more information or to apply.

Benefits of the OHS Diploma Program

Gain solid knowledge and skills related to OHS management positions.

  • UNB’s program is fully online, which provides no restrictions to where you learn and no associated travel costs.
  • UNB’s program has been developed and is instructed by certified and experienced health and safety professionals and subject matter experts.
  • The UNB program is self-paced so you learn at your own speed.
  • UNB is leader in online OHS education.
  • Instructional guidance is available with the click of a mouse.

Fees and Schedule

The diploma may be taken one course at a time, at a cost of $645 per course. Students may take up to 13 weeks to complete each course and approximately two years to complete the diploma.

More information

To enrol in the Online Occupational Health and Safety Diploma at UNB, contact the UNB OHS office today for more information or you may register online by clicking on the “apply now” button.

Click here to go to the registration page
Click here to go to the registration page

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Please note: You will not have access to your courses until payment has been received.

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