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College of Extended Learning

Spanish Beginners Level 1

CCOM 2007

This interactive course provides an opportunity for those with little to no knowledge of this romance language to develop conversational skills in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. The themes that will be covered in this course are introductions and classroom situations. By the end of this level, you will have some elementary vocabulary and be able to understand, ask and answer useful questions using simple sentences. This course will cover greeting and farewells, making phone calls, ordering in beverages, describe people and classrooms and telling time. You will learn the alphabet, Spanish sounds, numbers, days, months and seasons, colours, weeks, adjectives, possession and some verbs in the present tense.

Course details

Upcoming dates: Saturdays, Sept. 22 - Oct. 27, 2018
Time: 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Location: Saint John Social Enterprise Hub
139 Prince Edward Street
Room TBA
Course fee: $160 (+ HST)
Instructor: Nef Sarrelangue
Materials: No materials required

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About the instructor

Hailing originally from La Belle Province (Montreal), Nef is enjoying Loyalist Lobster in Saint John, through work engagements as a Telecom professional. Nef has enjoyed the opportunities to travel and live abroad. He says “such personal experiences created a distinctive understanding of language and culture assimilation, in turn, I became a resident of the country rather than just a visitor.”

His past residencies including immersion into languages and culture interaction have taken him to Belgium, USA, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Italy and Spain. Nef enjoys travelling, good food, good beer and learning new things!

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