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College of Extended Learning

French One-on-One Lessons

CCOM 2079

This 6-week French training session is tailored especially for you, to help you meet your specific language goals and structured to work with your schedule.

At the Première Rencontre, our instructor will converse with you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in French. We’ll find out what you need specifically to focus on your goals- writing, speaking, listening or reading; vocabulary, comprehension or even building a better understanding of regional dialects and slang.

Each week, you will have two 45-minute sessions with a professional instructor, and you will be guided through a series of 12 personalized training sessions to meet those goals. This special tutoring is available in face-to-face sessions or online via Skype. You can indicate your preference when we connect you with your instructor.

These classes are tailored to your personal language level – whether you are beginning to learn the language or you’re looking to perfect existing language skills to attain a certain French language proficiency rating or grade for school or work. This learning format will improve your French.

  • Learn a new language at your own pace
  • Help with French homework
  • Brush-up on existing French skills
  • Have a conversation partner to practice your skills
  • Prepare for French language tests

How do you know where to start? We outlined all our classes and compared them to the official language levels.

Course details

Upcoming dates: Register for flexible 6-week sessions
Time: Two 45-minute sessions each week, scheduled to your availability
Location: Face to face at a mutually agreed upon location
OR online, via Skype
Course fee: $325 (no HST)
Instructor: Joseph Théophile Gagnon, Francine DiMambro, & Kendra MacMillan


Notebook, lesson plans will be delivered by the instructor.

About the instructor(s)

Théo Gagnon B.A., M.A.
Having retired from the public service, Théo went into teaching French as a second language and has been teaching both part-time and full-time for the past 20 years. He has been associated with International, National and Provincial language schools where he benefitted from their training and programs. His students have been members of the Canadian Government, various professionals, new Canadians, and others from all walks of life. Théo has taught every level of French language needs from beginner to advanced. Théo is a dedicated teacher who believes that the success of his students is the most important aspect of his teaching. Seeing his students succeed brings tremendous pride and satisfaction to his work.

Francine DiMambro, B.A., M.A.
Francine earned a Master’s Degree in French Literature and French Art History from UBC (Vancouver) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from TWU (Vancouver).Francine has spent many years teaching French at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University; served as a Lecturer at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Toulouse-Lautrec; has taught Air Canada pilots across Canada; as well as federal government employees. She always had a passion for teaching French and French culture. She is patient and enjoys using creative methods in helping students wrap their head around difficult grammar rules or just having a nice relaxed conversation in French. Francine is an avid traveller and has had the opportunity to visit Europe, Asia and Africa several times. In her free time, she is an avid walker and loves exploring the outdoors.

Kendra MacMillan
Kendra MacMillan was born and raised in Saint John. After earning an Arts/Education degree 2010, Kendra moved to Sainte Marie, QC for the opportunity to gain teaching experience and to learn French. Kendra has a passion for learning and teaching French as she realizes its importance for creating opportunities in a bilingual province. She currently works as a Needs Assessment Specialist with Social Development.

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