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College of Extended Learning

Basic Psychology: Understanding Therapy

CCOM 4036

Have you ever wondered why people behave the way they do? Or, have you ever wondered how two people can interpret a situation in completely different ways? Furthermore, have you ever found it difficult to understand psychological testing as well as confusing to interpret all the different “labels” that have been assigned to people’s behaviour? Are you interested in psychology as a profession but want to know what you might be asked to study should you take a formal course in this discipline? Are you interested in understanding your own behaviour in a meaningful way?

In this non-credit course in introductory psychology, you will begin to understand the main psychological interpretations of human behaviour through seven different themes.

During this 7-week course, we will explore such issues as:

  • Resiliency, Art & Trauma
  • Examine what kind of thinker you are, look at what kind of therapist you might be in the future should you wish to become one
  • Understand through social psychology, how everyone is influenced by group and societal pressure
  • Understanding your feelings and the importance of finding meaning in your life to overcome trauma or life’s difficulties
  • Explore how memory, thinking, language, and intelligence are intertwined
  • Learn the effects of how personality, motivation, and emotion play a role
  • Learn what are considered to be psychological disorders
  • Understand how therapy works and learn how to be an active listener

This will be an interactive class in which after the first class, students will have the opportunity to decide which of these areas are of particular interest to them.

Course details

Upcoming dates: TBA, 2018
Time: p.m. - 8 p.m.
Location: Saint John Social Enterprise Hub
139 Prince Edward Street, Room TBA
Course fee: $179 (+ HST)
Instructor: Dr. Ayalah Aylyn


There are no materials required for this class.

About the instructor

Dr. Ayalah Aylyn is a Ph.D. sociologist and Master’s level registered psychologist in New Brunswick as well as NT/Nunavut. Her background is in community/counselling psychology. Aylyn has extensive training in cross-cultural and indigenous issues; trauma and resiliency issues; projective art as therapy; cognitive-experiential logo-therapy and several other therapeutic modalities. Her clients are encouraged and empowered to utilize which modality of therapy works best for them. Aylyn works with adults.

On both a national and international basis, and through the combined fields of both sociology and psychology, Aylyn has followed a strong commitment towards empowering those who are disempowered. Utilizing a psycho-educational model, she is a firm believer that motivated individuals have the ability to heal themselves and transform their experiences into empowering their lives and the lives of others.

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