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College of Extended Learning

Academic assistantship program application

Policy and procedures for appointment of academic assistants

General information

Under this agreement, academic assistants are appointed for programs and courses managed by the College of Extended Learning during summer term and distance/online courses offered during fall and winter terms. Approval for academic assistants will be subject to a number of factors: (1) course registrations and work load; (2) the overall number of requests received; and (3) budgetary appropriations for any given year.

The Academic Assistantship program is open to undergraduate students only. If you are looking for a Graduate Teaching Assistant, please refer to the School of Graduate Studies.

Funds to support requests for academic assistant are limited and the number of applications typically exceeds the amount available for distribution. Completion of an application form for an academic assistant does not mean that approval of funding will be guaranteed. Instructors or academic units should not make commitments to academic assistants unless approval has been given by the Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning. CEL will not accept responsibility for any verbal or informal commitment made to potential academic assistants prior to approval of a formal application.

Application deadlines

Summer: One week prior to the beginning of classes.
Fall/ Winter: Two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

Note: for full-year courses applications must be submitted separately – one in the fall and one in the winter.


To be eligible to apply for an academic assistant for courses taught under the aegis of the College of Extended Learning, there must be a minimum of 35 officially registered students in a course. Since funds are limited, priority will be given to courses with the largest number of registrations and course assignments. Combination of courses and sharing academic assistants is only permitted for courses taught by the same instructor.

Application procedures

Each application form should be completed by the instructor requesting an academic assistant and then forwarded to the immediate academic administrator for signature i.e., Chairperson, Dean. Please attach a copy of the course outline to the application.

The completed application form should then be forwarded to the College of Extended Learning for final approval which will be subject to the constraints noted above.

Approval and appointment

Information on the application form will be verified by the College of Extended Learning. For applications which are approved by the Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning, a copy will be returned to the instructor. Notification of approval will be sent to the instructor and department within one week of the deadline for applications.

Instructors are responsible for notifying academic assistants and ensuring that they are registered for employment with Human Resources, UNB Fredericton. No payment can be issued to an academic assistant unless properly registered for employment.  Payment for services will be a one-time lump sum payment during the academic term.

(1) appointments will be subject to Immigration and Labour laws;
(2) individuals may not accept an appointment as an academic assistant if such an appointment would contravene any other agreement or regulation with respect to grants, assistantships, academic programs, etc.

Schedule of rates for academic assistants

Course/Research Assistant, i.e., marker, lab demonstrator/assistant

Undergraduates .........................................................$12.50 per hour
Note: Maximum claimable hours: ......................................... 75 hours

Application form

Complete the form.

Once the form is completed, return it to:

College of Extended Learning

6 Duffie Drive
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3

For more information

For more information about the Academic Assistantship application process, please contact us:

Telephone: 506-451-6824
Toll Free: 1-866-599-4646