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Personal Financial Planning

Subject Course No. Credit Value
Business Administration ADM 3445 Three (3) credit hours

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of financial decision-making and how these principles are applied to personal financial planning. Students will learn the concepts and methods necessary in developing a successful personal financial plan, and learn financial planning as it is done in professional practice. Topics to be covered include the fundamental principles of finance, financial goal setting, budgeting, tax planning, cash management, personal credit, investment, insurance, retirement and estate planning. 

Instructor: Dr. Eben Otuteye (please contact the instructor if you need an up-to-date syllabus)
Prerequisite: None

Why take this course?

  • Learn to assess personal financial situations, prepare relevant financial statements (including a budget), and set meaningful financial goals.
  • Discover how to manage credit, use the financial system to tap into credit sources for housing and other major expenditures.
  • Avoid credit traps and learn strategies for paying off debts as fast as possible.
  • Understand more about insurance needs and manage personal risks with the appropriate choice of insurance and other mechanisms.
  • Gain knowledge on how financial markets and financial securities work and be able to make the right selection of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.
  • Design proper retirement and estate plans so you have the desirable post-retirement lifestyle.

Course details

Students have six months from the registration date to complete the course. All course exams and/or assignments must be completed by the designated end date.

Assignments and examinations

  • 5 x End-of-Topic Quizzes (worth TBD)
  • 1 x Midterm Exam (worth TBD)
  • 1 x Book Review (worth TBD)
  • 1 x Final Exam (worth TBD)

All mid-term exams and final exams for online courses will be invigilated at an approved time and location. Please refer to the Online Exam Request Form to book.

Fees and payments

Online courses are subject to an additional $100 non-refundable/non-transferable online fee per course. For more information on fees and methods of payment, please click here.

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