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Whether you are a millennial trying to break into a career in management, or an employer seeking to develop a promising employee, this program provides the basic tools every new manager needs to succeed. This intensive program teaches skills, techniques, and processes that can be applied immediately in any supervisory situation.

A management program for millennials

A Harvard Business Review study on mentoring millennials (May 2010) highlights what millennials want from their boss and their company. They want help navigating a career path, straight feedback, and support for professional development. Millennials also want to learn self-management and develop personal productivity as well as leadership. The good news is the Certificate in Management Essentials provides built-in tools to help with all of the above.

Position yourself–and your company–for success

The online Certificate in Management Essentials covers the basic skills every manager needs to succeed. This intensive program teaches real-world skills, techniques, and processes that can be applied immediately in any supervisory situation.

CME will help you to:

  • Increase your opportunity to break into or advance in your management career
  • Understand yourself as a leader and grow personally and professionally
  • Gain the insight needed to effectively and efficiently facilitate people and processes within any organization
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

Today’s managerial job market has created an environment where employers hire those who have performed well at their jobs, but may lack the necessary skills required to manage effectively. Organizations wanting to retain their top performers should make developing managerial skill sets a top priority.

CME will help your organization:

  • Increase the knowledge base of existing managers or provide development for promising non-managerial employees
  • Develop an effective performance management process aligning the individual’s efforts with your organization’s goals
  • Facilitate and support the employee, providing tools to help identify gaps, create a learning plan, and review progress
  • Retain top performers
  • Address the individual’s needs and reinforce themes and core competencies required by the organization

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Choose courses based on your learning needs & skills gaps

Certificate in Management EssentialsThis 10 course, competency-based certificate is designed to identify the individual’s skill gaps through practical and relevant learning. The program consists of six (6) required courses and includes a Management Essentials Competency Assessment (MECA). Results of the assessment can assist in the selection of electives and provides a benchmark that can be re-tested to measure progress at the end of the program. Take the assessment!

Hogan Assessments are also included in Leading from Within (HPI - Hogan Personality Inventory) and Managing Challenging Behaviours (HDS - Hogan Development Survey).

MECA, HPI, and HDS assessments will raise your level of self-awareness by highlighting specific areas of strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions to help you guide your career and become a better manager. 

Required Courses

You are then able to choose (four) 4 elective courses from the remaining 12. The MECA will help in your selection, as it will identify those areas where you require the most assistance. You can choose electives based on your development needs.

Elective Courses

For those employees that only require help in certain areas, all courses are available as stand-alone choices as well. The Management Essentials Competency Assessment tool is also available through each individual course. 

Who Should Enrol
  • New or emerging managers who want to improve their skills quickly and apply them immediately
  • Recent university or college graduates looking for supervisory or management positions
  • Anyone anticipating or aspiring to management

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