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Workplace health and wellness

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Mental health issues cost Canadian businesses $33-billion a year in lost productivity and staff turnover.

What is your organization doing about it?

The University of New Brunswick offers online health, safety, and wellness courses to provide managers, supervisors, and employees with tools to manage stress and mental health issues, both personally and professionally, and to achieve optimal workplace wellness.


  • Learn how to provide a supportive environment encouraging employees to seek help
  • Gain the skills to identify and support employees at risk
  • Get expert advice on how to implement strategies that reduce absenteeism and turnover rates
  • Understand how to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity
  • Gain insight into achieving optimum workplace wellness
  • Get practical advice on how to gain buy-in from senior management for wellness initiatives

Online courses for supervisors, managers, & employees

Pathway to Coping

Many people have never learned how to cope effectively, but the good news is coping skills are teachable. Pathway to Coping provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their coping skills following a structured developmental program.

CCME 1111 Supporting Mental Health at Risk

This course introduces managers to the topic of mental health, exploring the common mental health issues employees may experience that managers need to be prepared to support.

CCME 1107 Navigating People-Driven Crisis

Learn the fundamentals of crisis management, how to promote employee psychological well-being, and the basics of employment law and the legal obligations of employers.

CCME 1004 Managing Challenging Behaviours

Performance management is not only about managing the proactive elements such as performance reviews and employee development. There are times when managers need to respond to unwanted employee behaviour. This course teaches skills to confront and manage these unwanted behaviours and facilitate discipline.

DOHS 4151 Psychological Health and Safety

This course examines theories relating to workplace stress and its interrelationship with mental health. You will learn strategies for dealing with counterproductive workplace behaviours such as conflict, workplace bullying and workplace violence and practical approaches to assist in addressing these concerns.

DOHS 4261 Program Planning & Wellness in the Workplace

Learn how to develop your own workplace wellness program. Learn the planning process, how to conduct an employee health assessment, implement a plan and evaluate. This course provides numerous examples of successful programs in action.

DOHS 4271 Fatigue Management

The main objectives of this course are to help participants better understand fatigue and how to manage it. The course highlights modern research and knowledge relating to the causes and effects of fatigue, discusses fatigue as a safety issue, and introduces tools and methods to assess, manage and mitigate fatigue hazards.

Everyone benefits from a healthy workplace. Ask about our group discounts.

Other wellness programs & seminars