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College of Extended Learning

Prior Learning Assessment

UNB's College of Extended Learning (CEL) has a prior learning assessment process whereby a student's prior learning may be evaluated for course equivalency and applied to the Certificate in Occupational Health Nursing (COHN).

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) refers to the systematic evaluation of learning an individual has achieved through previous post-secondary courses and programs, related industry certifications or specialized training programs. It provides evidence that an individual has already met the expected learning outcomes of OHN courses through learning acquired prior to enrolment in the UNB COHN program.

Prior learning may include:

  • Relevant OHN courses completed at other Universities and Colleges within the last 3 years with a grade of B- (80%) OR
  • Other industry certifications or training programs completed within the last five years, with courses similar to those in the UNB COHN program and involve at least 50 hours of study and assessment.

We are unable to assess the following for equivalency in the COHN program:

  • Workplace learning
  • Courses, training programs or certificates that involve fewer than 50 hours of study and assessment. One or two day seminars/workshops do not provide the depth and assessment necessary to be considered equivalent to OHN courses.

A maximum of FIVE courses in the COHN can be acquired through PLA, and the balance of the COHN (SIX courses) must be completed through UNB. The Certificate in OHS or Advanced Diploma in OHS are not eligible for PLA within the COHN program. COHN 5200: Business Perspectives in Occupational Health Practice & COHN 5210: Final Occupational Health Nursing Project are not eligible for PLA.

To apply for a prior learning assessment, the applicant will be required to:

How to apply

To apply for a prior learning assessment, the applicant will be required to:

  1. Complete and submit the online COHN PLA application:
    • a. Identify the courses in which they are seeking credit.
    • b. Upload copies of all documentation to be assessed. This may include the items below for all courses being assessed for credit.
      • i. Transcripts
      • ii. Certificates
      • iii. Syllabi or Course Descriptions
      • iv. Learning Outcomes
      • v. Any related documentation you may deem as important to your assessment
  2. Submit the assessment fee of $150.

We strongly encourage contacting our office prior to submitting payment and documentation. For more information contact or 1 888 259-4222 or 506-453-4694.