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Applied Behaviour Analysis Training Modules for Families and Caregivers

Raising a child with behavioural challenges is a long journey, but help is on its way

The Applied Behaviour Analysis Training Modules for Families and Caregivers (ABATMF) is suitable for managing behavioural challenges of individuals of all ages and abilities. If your family member or someone you look after has intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), or general behavioural challenges, this program can help you manage the day-to-day demands you face. All modules in this program are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

This program consists of online and pre-recorded lectures that allow you to work at your own pace. The instructor is also available online at scheduled times to answer your questions, and at the end of each module, there will be a conference call with the instructor to discuss experiences and ask questions.


  • Work at your own pace—one course at a time
  • Network and learn from other parents who have similar challenges
  • Access a trained facilitator who will provide guidance along the way

Who should attend?

The program is designed for family members and caregivers of individuals with behavioural challenges or special needs.


Module 1 - Behaviour 101 - CAIS 9001
Note: This module is a mandatory prerequisite for all subsequent modules.
This module serves as a foundation for each of the remaining five sections in the ABATMF program and covers the basics of behaviour, defining what it is, understanding why good and challenging behaviour occurs, and how to measure and track it when it happens.
Cost: $49 +HST
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Module 2 - Reducing Challenging Behaviour - CAIS 9002
This section is for families who are finding it difficult to manage an individual's challenging behaviour(s). You will be asked to select a behaviour that your family member displays that you would like to work on. You will learn how to identify why your family member continues to engage this behaviour and will be provided with strategies for preventing the behaviour from occurring in the future. You will also learn how to respond effectively when it does occur.
Cost: $49 +HST
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Module 3 - Teaching New Skills - CAIS 9003
This section is for families of individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders that are struggling to perform skills of everyday living. Emphasis will be on showing you how to help your family member become more independent by teaching important life skills such as self-help skills and personal hygiene. You will learn strategies that have been proven effective and are based on Applied Behaviour Analysis.
Cost: $49 +HST
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Module 4 - Feeding Difficulties - CAIS 9004
If your family member refuses to eat, has a very limited selection of foods he/she will eat, refuses to feed him or herself, or engages in disruptive mealtime behaviours, this course will teach you strategies to help decrease food refusal, increase acceptance of new foods, and teach appropriate mealtime behaviours.
Cost: $49 +HST
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Module 5 - Functional Communication Training - CAIS 9005
This section is for families whose individuals have limited language skills. You will learn strategies that aim to increase appropriate communication skills and decrease inappropriate behaviours that your family member currently uses to communicate his/her wants and needs.
Cost: $49 +HST
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Module 6 - Toilet Training - CAIS 9006
This section is for families who are having difficulty toilet training their child. It will prepare you to embark on an intensive potty training adventure and will teach you the skills that you need to help your child be successful in the area of potty training. Topics will include developing a potty schedule, preparing your child for potty training, using positive reinforcement, and how to handle accidents. There will also be some discussion of common challenges and strategies to avoid and overcome them.
Cost: $49 +HST
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