5 Reasons to Combine Travel & Study

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) Faculty of Arts is offering five exciting 3-week travel study programs that blend a love of travel with a passion for learning. But why travel study? To find out, check out UNB’s top 5 reasons below!

Reason #1: You experience a new culture.

The UNB Travel Study program provides students and adult learners with the opportunity to develop or enhance their global mindset, experiencing cultures in a more sophisticated way. You will gain a new respect for other cultures and learn what it truly means to be a ‘global student’.

“It’s important for Canadian students to see just how diverse the world truly is,” said Professor Emiterus and former director of the Rome Travel Study Program, Dr. Peter Kent. “Studying abroad gives you the chance to see what it’s like to live in a new culture and experience everything first-hand. That’s something you just can’t replicate in the classroom.”

“It’s a tremendous experience and a real eye opener for students,” said chair and professor of Economics, and director of the China Travel Study Program, Dr. Weiqiu Yu. “Living in a new environment, seeing things happening around you, and experiencing a different culture is unforgettable. Not only do you learn about history and economics, you learn about the world.”

Reason #2: You see places normally closed to tourists.

During each trip you are accompanied by local guides and university professors, who are expert professionals; they know the country, its literature, its culture, the language, the current economy and the political landscape. These professors will take you to places normally closed to tourists, and introduce you to the heart of your destination’s history, culture, and cuisine.

“We go to places tourists normally aren’t allowed,” said Professor and director of the France Travel Study Program, Dr. Robert Viau. “Because UNB has been doing this travel study program for so long, and we have such a great relationship with our host countries, we get special permission to go behind closed doors and visit places most tourists have never seen, like the Sorbonne University and the French Senate, as well as a behind the curtain look at the Moulin Rouge. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you travel with UNB.”

Reason #3: You learn more about yourself.

Studying abroad can also be a catalyst for learning more about yourself. By venturing out into the world, and getting outside your comfort zone, you begin to acknowledge your own cultural values, beliefs, and biases. It forces you to think about who you are and what your purpose is in the world.

“I’ve been told by students that the UNB Travel Study program was their defining moment at university,” said chair and professor of History, and director of the New York City Travel Study Program, Dr. Jeffrey Brown. “It’s a different way of learning about yourself as well as the world.”

“It’s a transformative experience,” said director of the Greece Travel Study Program, Dr. James Murray. “We take you to places that make you think about the world and your place in it. We want to give an adventure you carry with you forever; something that gives you a better sense of who you are as a person.”

Reason #4: You can earn credits toward a degree.

The UNB Travel Study Program is about more than just travelling. You also earn credits toward a degree. The programs are open to anyone from a university or college background, or anyone with an interest in exploring the world and learning something new. Not a UNB student? You can apply as a visiting student.

“It’s the equivalent of opening a textbook and jumping into the page,” said Dr. Murray. “The travel study program lets you see, touch, and experience things you normally only read about. It enhances the educational component by putting you in the book. It makes education 3D.”

Reason #5: Because you can!

“As time goes by, the price of travel continues to rise,” said Dr. Viau. “If you don’t take the opportunity now, you may not be able to afford it later. Not to mention that these places will just continue to get more and more crowded with tourists. Do it now, and have the time of your life.” 
Anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for travel can participate.

UNB Travel Study 2015 programs include:

China – May 5 to 26, 2015
France – May 4 to 23, 2015
Greece – May 5 to 25, 2015
Rome – May 18 to June 7, 2015
New York City – May 3 to 23, 2015

For more information about the UNB Travel Study Program, or to register, click here.

You can also contact us at the College of Extended Learning at 506 458-7706, or travelstudy@unb.ca.