Program Blueprints

Your Career Connection to Exploring Degree Options

To give you the most help we can in choosing an academic program that meets your goals and interests, we have developed Program Blueprints for all of our degree programs on the Fredericton campus. Our Saint John campus Blueprints are in development and will be added soon - we can't wait!

The Program Blueprints found on this site can be used by future students, current students exploring educational opportunities for their degree, and students thinking about switching programs.

The Blueprints can be used to plan co-curricular activities, volunteer experiences, experiential learning opportunities, and other engaging activities to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to enhance your academic career and future employability.

Using the Program Blueprints

In each Program Blueprint you will find:

  • a few facts about the academic program/faculty
  • what makes students in that program unique
  • what employers look for from graduates of that program
  • a sampling of what you can learn, and
  • a preview of options where you can go after graduation (careers & further education/training)

The Program Blueprints work well as an exploratory tool, especially when used in conjunction with Career Cruising and the Co-Curricular Program. Use the Career Tasks Checklist to find--or learn more about--the right academic program that meets your interests and goals.

Additional career resources

In addition to the on-campus support offered, there are other resources that you can use as part of your career exploration and planning, as well as finding and securing employment during your studies or the summer.