Choose to nurse in New Brunswick

A career in nursing starts a lifetime of respected and fulfilling career opportunities and professional advancement. You can move from direct patient nursing care and treatment provider to the corporate boardroom or even government health policy planning and development.

Offered in the city of Bathurst, in northern New Brunswick, the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Nursing four-year bachelor of nursing (BN) program is recognized throughout Canada and world. The program emphasizes teamwork, technical procedures, leadership and clinical decision-making skills essential for working in the primary healthcare environment.

The Bathurst campus belongs to the University of New Brunswick's comprehensive, multi-campus institution.

The Bathurst benefit

•    Smaller class sizes.
•    Lower costs of living (food and accommodation) while you study and work in same community.
•    Gym, movie theatre, grocery store, and arena are all within walking distance to the campus.
•    A peer-mentoring program to support students in time management, study skills, information access, and problem resolution.

Bachelor of Nursing (basic)

The BN program at UNB qualifies you to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE) set by the Canadian Nurses Association. Once successful, you can use the title Registered Nurse (RN) as you embark on an exciting career in an ever-changing field.

The nursing program has a standard curriculum and most of your courses will be in nursing, but students also choose some elective courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Small classes and lots of interaction among students working in a co-learner environment provide the opportunity to build lasting friendships and strong professional connections. The program places great emphasis on the caring practice of nursing with the idea that the human side of the profession is just as important as the technical side.

Master's of Nursing program

The University of New Brunswick offers a masters of nursing program that has three options including a report / thesis program, a nurse educator program, and a nursing practitioner program.

These programs are available via distance education (teleconference, videoconferencing or online) in Bathurst.

The graduate academic unit within the Faculty of Nursing has near 40 members, many of whom are actively doing research. One of our members holds a Canada Research Chair in Healthy Child Development.

Bathurst offers nursing students many unique opportunities to balance work and study.

In the community

Situated on beautiful Chaleur Bay, Bathurst is a bustling hub of urban adventure framed by a natural saltwater beach and nearby Daly Point Nature Reserve. The Bathurst Campus is located in the New Brunswick Community College building on College Street, where a caring community and a spirit of learning are fostered.

The Bathurst Nursing program incorporates community work into clinical experience for all students. Students both participate in and host health fairs and blood pressure clinics and provide clinical health care at multiple sites within community settings.

You will practice valuable, hands-on, clinical experience in hospital settings, people's homes, workplaces and schools to supplement your in-class work.