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UNB Homecoming Puzzle Hunt

Join ‘The Quest’

Assemble your teams! The UNB Alumni Office is partnering with Escape Logic Games for our Annual Homecoming weekend to put on two (that's right two!) puzzle hunts.

What is the Puzzle Hunt? The Puzzle Hunt is a 3-4 hour interactive game in which teams are challenged to find and solve various puzzles on the UNB campus – it's like a scavenger hunt with challenges! Some of the challenges are physical, some are intellectual and some are solved on your smart device. Solve all the puzzles and you will get to the final challenge and hopefully win the day! (UNB Alumni get a special discount - see below)

Puzzle Hunt #1 | UNB Homecoming Puzzle Hunt | Saturday, Sept. 30, 10 am
For those of you that are looking for a puzzle hunt that's a bit easier but will still be lots of fun, consider checking out the UNB Homecoming Puzzle Hunt. This is a great first hunt for the uninitiated or for teams who have not done too many puzzle hunts in the past.
(Cost: $44.97 per team before Sept. 15, $54.97 per team after Sept. 15)

Puzzle Hunt #2 | Escape Logic's 2017 Quest | Saturday, Sept. 30, 9 am
Looking for something a bit more challenging? Check out Escape Logic’s 2017 Quest event which will take place in partnership with UNB! This event will be longer, more challenging and have a few more twists and turns!
(Cost: $99.97 per team before Sept. 15, $129.97 per team after Sept. 15)

Each event is currently capped at 25 teams and will have a waiting list. If there's sufficient demand, we will take people from the lists so sign up even if you didn't make it in under the cap!

Special Discount for UNB Alumni Teams – use the following code (UNBALUM) to receive a $20 discount for the Puzzle Hunt.