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Keynote speech

Why is the economic grass greener in the west? A come from awayer’s thoughts on the Maritime economy and the opportunities for growth in the region. | Herb Emery


  • Enough Exercise to be Healthy? | Danielle Bouchard
  • Monitoring the behavior of public transportation systems | Lilian Hernandez
  • Yes! We Can Look Out For Each Other! | Jula Hughes
  • “A Hard Day’s Night” The Effects of Shift Work on Cardiometabolic Health: Findings from the Atlantic PATH Cohort Study | Anil Adisesh
  • Stories Data Tell: Using numbers “between the unimaginably large and the magnificently small” as a driver for health. | Neeru Gupta
  • Who Stands to Gain the Most with Increased Energy Efficiency? Segmenting the Commercial Energy Consumers in New Brunswick | Nyankomo Marwa
  • Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society, UNB History | Lee Windsor 
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Research Opportunities as the Embedded Clinician Researcher | Tracey Rickards
  • To lie or not to lie? When and Where is lying okay? | Elizabeth Gerhardt
  • SmartCane gait Analysis System | Ian Smith
  • The Wellsprings of Democratic Deconsolidation | Paul Howe
  • Sharing information about men’s experiences of workplace bullying using film | Sue O'Donnell