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Family FunFest

Homecoming Family FunFest

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 30 from 1-3 p.m. at the Family FunFest and explore UNB, a FREE family event as part of UNB Homecoming. We will be showcasing the innovation and entrepreneurship at UNB and will have activities that will include Worlds UNBound, the Sustainability department, Makerspace, the Quartermain Earth Science Centre, and Nature UNBound.

Worlds UNBound

  • Working with a team you will navigate your way through an outdoor maze using a coding system as your tool.  
  • Ever wonder what it would be like to print your favorite images, pictures or objects in 3-D? The Makerspace can help you make this happen, watch as you bring dimension and colour to a once flat image.   

Nature UNBound

  • Become a Wild New Brunswick Salmon and learn about their migration path in a fun obstacle course.  
  • Transform into a treasure hunter working in teams and using a GPS find the hidden treasure.    

Sustainability Department

  • Soar through the air as a butterfly while learning why and how monarch butterflies migrate.

Quartermain Earth Science Centre

  • “Fossils, Trees and Rocks, Oh My!” This interactive adventure will showcase Engineering, Geology and Planetology, fun for all ages!

Everyone is welcome - come celebrate UNB!