Anthony is a recruitment officer for UNB and is an Arts student majoring in information communication studies and minoring in Business at UNB Saint John.

What does #OnlyHere mean to you?

To me #OnlyHere means that when you come to UNB you are joining a family.

A place to do what you love

One of the unique things I liked about UNB when I first came here was that as soon as you arrived for orientation, you knew that it was a place where you could get involved. You knew that there would be an opportunity to find a place to do what you love while also doing what’s important - pursuing your academics.

I’ve been at UNB for a long time in part due to the fact that I decided to take the approach of getting involved in things that required me to be a part time student for some of my degree, like being president of student council, editor of the student newspaper, working at our campus radio station and being a tour guide.

I loved being a tour guide and I knew I wanted to do it as my job.

I love going out and talking about my experience to future students. I like being able to tell students that they have the opportunity to change and evolve as a student and explore different things. You’re not pigeonholed into a certain degree when you first come here. If you fall in love with something else, you have the opportunity to explore it.

One of the great things about UNB, regardless of what campus you’re on, is that the student population is small enough that you can keep connections. It’s great that I can see students I’ve recruited in the halls and that they feel comfortable to say hi or ask me questions.

We are a family and we support each other.

One thing I always say to students and parents that I truly believe is that when you come to UNB you are joining a family. You’re not a number or another face in the crowd, you have the opportunity to build a really incredible experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

I don’t think that the support and mentorship you can get here exists everywhere. We are a family and we support each other. There’s a lot of caring that happens at UNB.

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