Common questions

What is a brand? Why does UNB need a brand foundation?

A brand is much more than logos, slogans or ads. It’s the promise of what a person will experience when they interact with UNB, and it’s made up of the sum total of every touch point they experience – from classroom teaching to our viewbook, from recruiting sessions to our President’s Report.

The post-secondary education market is getting more and more competitive. UNB needs a compelling brand foundation that defines what it stands for so that we can attract more of the best students, professors and staff. 

Who can be involved in the ‘Why UNB’ project?

Everyone. 9000+ people have participated in the ‘Why UNB’ project to date. To share your thoughts and feedback contact

When will this take place?

We began this process in 2011 with market research involving 4,000+ members of the UNB community. It was completed in early 2014 and provided invaluable learning that formed the basis of Phase 2. We finalized our brand foundation in March 2015. The final phase – Phase 6 – launched in fall 2015 and will run until spring 2016.

What is the process?

The Communications & Marketing team is leading this branding effort, with support from the President, and it encompasses the entire UNB community. It began with SimpsonScarborough, a highly experienced market research firm that specializes in higher education research, who engaged the extended UNB community to share their perceptions of UNB via extensive quantitative and qualitative research.

It continued with dougserge+partners inc. (ds+p), an accomplished brand communications agency with 12+ years of experience within the post-secondary education category. ds+p worked with UNB’s President’s Executive Team, the internal Brand Management Committee and Communications & Marketing to develop our brand foundation and marketing campaign.

Why did we choose SimpsonScarborough to conduct the initial research?

SimpsonScarborough's sole focus is on higher education research. Higher education marketing presents unique challenges and opportunities that require a deep understanding of how to navigate the environment. Solid research will lay the foundation for brand development and future success. SimpsonScarborough is an internationally recognized higher education research firm that has extensive experience using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

Why did we choose ds+p to develop the brand foundation and marketing campaign?

ds+p was chosen following a thorough agency review process. They bring 12+ years of experience in the post-secondary education category and proven experience in developing brand positioning and successful award-winning marketing campaigns for many clients. They are committed to respecting, involving and listening to the many people who make UNB a wonderful place to work and study.

Is the project about developing a new logo and tagline?

The project is about defining what the UNB brand stands for. Our logos and taglines are merely expressions of the brand positioning. A brand is the sum total of all that is known, thought, felt and perceived about an organization. With changes to our brand foundation, there will also be change in the visual identity (logo) to reflect and support this.

How is the university funding this project?

The project is financed entirely by UNB donors who believe in the university and the benefit of a strong institutional brand.

Our faculty/unit/group has a custom logo; can we keep using it?

With the development of the updated UNB visual identity, there will be changes to the way faculty/unit/group logos and wordmarks interact with the UNB logo. New guidelines and training will be provided over the coming weeks to assist in implementation of the new visual identity. Marketing team members will also be meeting with the various groups to discuss these changes.

How can I get more information on our university brand, including new logos and visual identity elements?

Contact Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing Office, or email for further information.

I would like more information or to provide feedback to the ‘Why UNB’ brand project. Who should I contact?

For more information, please contact Sarah Martell, Director, Marketing Office, or email

This project is made possible through the generous support of UNB donors.