The Green Review

The Green Review uses UNB's brand guidelines.

The project

The Green Review is an annual publication that showcases environmentally sustainable initiatives at UNB. 

The 16-page PDF, by UNB Fredericton’s Facilities Management Sustainability Program, highlights environmental efforts and "green champions" at the university. Facts and figures show UNB's commitment to sustainability. These include:

  • 41% of the UNB Fredericton campus is naturalized green space
  • In 2014-2015, UNB Fredericton saved enough water to fill the Fredericton water tower 74 times
  • The Head Hall complex is a BOMA BEST Silver building with a score of 76%

The inspiration

The report combines an innovative design with elements from UNB's Brand Toolkit, which sets out how fonts, colours and typography should be used across all print and digital communications.

The UNB Sustainability unit logo, which combines the primary campus logo with a unit (i.e., Sustainabililty) identifier, is prominent in the design. (Don't have a unit or faculty logo yet? Contact

The design also cleverly mixes our primary colour palette (red, black and white) with colours from the secondary colour palette, like green, sky, mango and cherry. These help the most important elements of the design stand out, while still retaining a visual connection to UNB.

Consult the brand colour higherachy in the UNB Brand Cheat Sheet.

The credit

  • Project lead: Danielle Smith, Sustainability Coordinator, Facilities Management 
  • Marketing Officer: Amy Wyntjes, Marketing Officer, Marketing Office
  • Designer: Ginger Designs

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