Conference Services

The project

UNB’s Conference Services is a one-stop-shop service that can help you plan a one-day meeting, a formal banquet or a week-long conference.

The Conference Services team uses a variety of marketing collateral to share the services they provided with their clients, however they felt that these materials needed to be updated to better align with UNB’s new brand identity

A refreshed letter from the Acting Director of Conference Services was created as well as handouts that highlight their three main areas of focus:

  • Meet
  • Stay
  • Celebrate

The inspiration

The refreshed collateral stays true to the UNB brand through and through.

All pieces use UNB’s primary colour palette (red, black and white) and UNB’s typography.

The UNB Conference Services unit logo, which combines the primary campus logo with a unit (i.e. Conference Services) identifier, is prominently featured in all the designs. UNB has guidelines on logo use; review the Brand Toolkit or email us for assistance. (Don't have a unit or faculty logo yet? Contact

The written content follows our editorial style guide and is reflective of UNB’s personality which is authentic, caring, friendly, resourceful and determined.

The credit

  • Project Lead: Alisha Bainbridge, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Student Services
  • Marketing Officer: Aaron McDevitt, Marketing Officer, UNB Marketing
  • Designer: Jill Scaplen, Creative Manager, UNB Marketing Office and Polygon Graphics

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