Statistics Option

Statistics Major
First Year (Minimum 38 ch)
a. MATH 1003, MATH 1013, MATH 1503

b. At least 18 ch in lecture courses and at least 8 ch in laboratory courses chosen from:

c. A minimum of 3 ch in approved electives. NOTE: Geology courses include laboratory component

Second Year (Minimum 31 ch)

MATH 2203MATH 2513, MATH 2523, STAT 1793, STAT 2793 plus electives equivalent to 3 term courses (term courses are typically 3-5 ch). It is recommended that some of these electives be Computer Science courses.

Third Year and Fourth Year (Minimum 60 ch)
a. MATH 3713, MATH 3733, STAT 3083, STAT 3093 plus 15 ch of upper level STAT courses. An upper level MATH course may contribute to these 15 ch.
b. Plus 24 ch of upper level (3-4000 level) elective courses approved by the department.
c. Plus an additional 9 ch of electives at any level.

1. At least 6 ch of Computer Science are required in the program.
2. MATH 3633 cannot be taken for credits in Statistics Major. 

Minor in Statistics

A student who intends to pursue a Minor in Statistics is required to take 24 ch in Statistics. A maximum of 9 ch from Mathematics may be selected. MATH 3633 cannot be taken for credits in Minor in Statistics. The Minor must be declared at the same time as the Major.