Geology Option

The Saint John campus offers courses designed to lay the groundwork for the Geology degree, which must be completed on the Fredericton campus. Please see the Fredericton Degree Programs section for descriptions of the three Geology programs: Pass, Major and Honours.

The following courses are designed for Pass, Major and Honours students:

First Year

  1.     GEOL 1044, GEOL 1074.
  2.     MATH 1003, MATH 1013.
  3.     CHEM 1041, CHEM 1046, CHEM 1072, CHEM 1077.
  4.     A minimum of 14 ch in approved electives, for a total of at least 40 ch.

Students are required to successfully complete BIOL 1105, BIOL 1006 (Fredericton), BIOL 1205, BIOL 1017, and PHYS 1010, PHYS 1020 (or Fredericton equivalents PHYS 1040, PHYS 1045) prior to graduation. These courses need not be completed in the first year of study, but it is recommended that as much as possible of this requirement be completed before transferring to the Fredericton campus.

After the first year of study, completion of GEOL 1703, Field School (7 days), is recommended. See Course Descriptions - Fredericton.

Second Year

  1.     Depending on availability, students are encouraged to take as many as possible of GEOL 2131, GEOL 2142, GEOL 2201, GEOL 2212, GEOL 2321, GEOL 3222 and GEOL 3442.
  2.     MATH 2003, MATH 2013.
  3.     CHEM 2601, CHEM 2622.
  4.     CS 1003.
  5.     Enough approved electives to make a minimum total of 40 ch.