Biology-Psychology Option

Honours and Majors Program

This interdepartmental program offers both majors and honours. Within the majors program there is a pre-professional stream that is intended for students who are considering a career in health related profession. 

Normally all Psychology courses counted toward the BSc. Bio-Psyc Major and Honours degree must have been completed within the 10 years prior to graduation.

First Year
CHEM 1041, CHEM 1046, CHEM 1072, CHEM 1077, BIOL 1105, BIOL 1205, BIOL 1017, MATH 1001PSYC 1003, PSYC 1004, 9 ch of approved electives (total 36 ch).

Second Year
BIOL 2015, BIOL 2065, BIOL 2615, CHEM 2421, PSYC 2102, PSYC 2901 (or equivalent), plus 11 ch of approved electives (total 33 ch).

Third and Fourth Years
BIOL 4935, PSYC 3913, PSYC 4053, plus approved electives equivalent to 54 ch (total 63 ch). The electives in years 2, 3 and 4 must contain at least 24 ch in psychology courses at the second year level or above and at least 24 ch in biology courses at the second year level or above. At least 132 approved credits are required to complete the program of which a minimum of 46 ch must be beyond the second year level.

Honours Program

To register for the honours program, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 at the end of the third year and must take BIPS 4001 and BIPS 4002. To graduate with honours, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be maintained at the completion of the study. Students are required to take the same program of study as required for the majors program with the following exceptions. In addition to BIPS 4001 and 4002, students must take a minimum of 21 credit hours of psychology courses at the second year level or above and at least 21 credit hours of biology courses at the second year level or above. Enrolment in BIPS 4001 and BIPS 4002 is limited and students must arrange their thesis research supervision with an individual faculty member, preferably during their third year. 

Pre-Professional Stream

To be admitted into the Pre-Professional Stream Program students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.7 at the end of their first year. And, to remain within the Pre-Professional Stream Program, students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.7 per year. Students at the end of their second year of study may be considered for admission to the program if their CGPA is 3.7 or higher.

Admission to the Program is competitive and students who meet the minimum requirements will not necessarily be accepted. Student should also note that admission into a health related professional program is very competitive and should consider alternative program career choices, as well as their preferred choice of career.

Students who successfully complete the Program will receive the Pre-Professional notation on their transcripts.

Pre-Professional Stream Curriculum
Required courses, in addition to required courses in the majors program, are:

Required Courses:

BIOL 2485 – Introduction to Microbiology (4 ch)
BIOL 3251 – Introductory Microbiology (3 ch)

CHEM 2416 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (2 ch)
BIOL 3435 – Biomolecules & Primary Metabolism (3 ch)

CHEM 2421 – Organic Chemistry I (3 ch)

BIOL 4435 – Biologically Active Natural Products & Secondary Metabolism (3 ch) CHEM 2422 – Organic Chemistry II (3 ch)

BIPS 4000 - Pre-professional Seminar

CHEM 2457 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2 ch)

PHIL 3133 - Health Care Ethics I (3 ch)

Minimum of THREE of the following psychology courses:

PSYC 2201 - Child Development (3ch)
PSYC 3362 - Guidance and Counselling (3ch)
PSYC 3553 - Psychopathology (3ch)
PSYC 3711 - Biological Psychology (3ch)
PSYC 3725 - Dementias (3ch)
PSYC 3033 - Health Psychology (3ch)
PSYC 4493 - Developmental Psychology
PSYC 4813 - Substance Abuse (3ch)
PSYC 4833 - Psychopharmacology (3ch)

The three required courses in Biology (BIOL 2485, BIOL 3435, BIOL 4435)and the minimum three pyschology courses may be used to replace the electives in Biology and Psychology respectivley within the Majors Program. Students in the Pre-Professional Stream Program are eligible to also take the Honours Program.

Recommended Electives:

ENGL 1001 or HUM 1021

PHYS 1011- Introductory Physics I (3 ch )

MATH 1013 – Introduction to Calculus II (3 ch)
MATH 1003 with a grade of C or higher
MATH1001 with a grade of B or higher

PHYS 1012 - Introductory Physics II (3 ch )
PHYS 1021 - Experiments in Introductory Physics I (2 ch)
PHYS 1022 - Experiments in Introductory Physics II (2 ch)
PHYS 1081 - Introductory Physics for Biological Sciences (5 ch)
Students are strongly urged to check on admission requirements for the professional school(s) of their choice when considering electives.