XI. BBA with a Major in Economics

In addition to complying with the existing curriculum requirements and regulations governing the award of a BBA degree, BBA students wishing to major in Economics must also comply with the following regulations and requirements of the Faculty of Business and the Economics discipline:

a. Students electing to major in Economics should declare the major by the beginning of their third year. The Faculty of Business must approve all courses taken to comply with the major requirement.

b. In order to earn the major in Economics, BBA students must complete the following:

i. earn a minimum grade of C in the following compulsory courses: ECON 2013, ECON 2023, ECON 3013 and ECON 3023; and

ii. successfully complete with a grade of C or better 15 ch of elective Economics courses or approved substitutes from disciplines other than Economics up to a maximum of 6 ch. Many upper-level business courses qualify as approved substitutes; a current list is available from the Faculty of Business or the Economics discipline.

NOTE: Students may not double count courses required for the general BBA.