NOTE: See the beginning of Section F for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

Political Science program description.

POLS1201Canadian Politics I3 ch (3C/T) [W]

Survey course focusing on Canadian government and politics at the national level.

POLS1301Global Political Studies 3 ch [W]

This course introduces students to the global issues of imperialism, globalization and democratization and their impacts on the governance of various countries.

Prerequisite: None. Credit cannot be given for both POLS 1301 and IS 1001.
POLS2201 Canadian Politics II3 ch [W]

This course expands on ideas introduced in POLS 1201 with a focus on the relationship between Canadian political institutions and Canadian society.

Prerequisite: POLS 1201.
POLS2301Politics of the Developing World3 ch (3C) [W]

Overview of political issues facing developing countries.

POLS2311The History and Politics of Latin America (Cross-Listed: HIST 2511) 3ch (3C) [W]

Provides an overview of Latin American history and politics from colonization to the 20th century. (cross-listed with HIST 2511)

Prerequisite: POLS 1301.
POLS2401Introduction to Political Ideas3 ch (3C) [W]

An introduction to the ideas and principles that serve as the foundation for Political Science. 

Prerequisite: 1 term-course in Politics. 

POLS2601Introduction to International Politics3 ch (3C/T) [W]

General introduction to the historic and contemporary practices of international relations.

POLS3007Digital Democracy3 ch [W]

This course examines technologically mediated political practices in liberal democracies.

POLS3101Constitutional Politics in Canada3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Examines the structure and process of constitution-making, and conflicting visions of constitutional change.

POLS3112Political Economy of Canada3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Examines the political economy of Canada, with a focus on the contribution of the political economy tradition to an understanding of Canada’s political, social and economic development.

POLS3201New Brunswick Politics3 ch (3S/T) [W]

An overview of the history and development of New Brunswick politics.

POLS3205Canadian Provincial Politics3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Designed to provide the student with an overview of the nature of government and political processes in the Canadian provinces.

POLS3211Contemporary New Brunswick Ethics3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Specialized study of current or selected issues in New Brunswick provincial politics.

POLS3221Canadian Political Issues I3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Emphasis on current problem areas in Canadian Politics.

POLS3222Canadian Political Issues II3 ch (3C/S)

Emphasis on a selected problem area in Canadian Politics.

POLS3225Gender and Canadian Politics3 ch [W]

Examines the role of gender in Canadian social movements, political parties and political institutions, including Parliament, the courts and the media. 

Prerequisites: POLS 1201 or GEND 2001.

POLS3231Representation and Recognition in Canadian Politics3 ch [W]

This course addresses the representation and recognition of women, aboriginals, Francophones, LGBT individuals, ethnic minorities and individuals with disabilities in the Canadian political system.

Prerequisite: POLS 1201.
POLS3232Language Issues in Canada3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Study of linguistic duality in Canada, with particular attention to conflicts over language rights.

POLS3241Canadian Voting Behaviour3 ch (3S/T) [W]

A study of the electoral system, representation, and voting behavior in Canada.

POLS3252Canadian Political Parties3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Directed at a systematic study of the structure and functions of political parties in Canada.

POLS3255Interest Groups and Social Movements3 ch [W]

Explores the development, goals, strategies and political impact of interest groups and social movements. 

POLS3261Canadian Federalism3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Advanced analysis of specific issues affecting the federation.

POLS3273Canadian Intergovernmental Relations3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Considers the relationships between federal, provincial and municipal governments, and their impact on current issues.

POLS3277Political Leadership in Canada3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Focuses on various aspects of political leadership at the federal level.

POLS3278Courts & Legislatures: The Politics of Canadian Policy Making 3 ch [W]

This course analyses the impact of the inter-relationship of courts and legislatures on policy making at both the provincial and federal levels.

Prerequisite: POLS 1201.
POLS3283Politics in French3 ch (3S/T) [W]

The politics and institutions of French Canada; in particular, the nature and sources of relevant political changes within French Canadian society in Quebec and Acadian society in New Brunswick.

POLS3291First Nations Government in Canada3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Examines the politics and administration of the relationship between aboriginal peoples and the Canadian state.

POLS3292Politics of Aboriginal Self-Government3 ch (3C/S) [W]

A systematic analysis of the principles, structures and institutions of traditional and contemporary aboriginal self-government in Canada.

POLS3311Government of the United States3 ch (3C/L) [W]

An analysis of contemporary issues in American politics, derived from an understanding of the concepts and structures of the national governmental system.

POLS3322The United States Presidency3 ch (3C/L) [W]

An emphasis on the power relationships of the office of the Chief Executive.

POLS3325Gender and Comparative Politics3 ch [W]

Comparative study of gender issues in selected countries, including women’s political organizations, political participation and social policies affecting women. 

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or GEND 2001.

POLS3333Comparative European States3 ch (3S/T) [W]

A comparative examination of selected European states, their political institutions, political cultures and recent political issues.

POLS3334Latin American Politics3 ch [W]

This course discusses the major political trends, actors and processes that have shaped Latin American governments and politics throughout the course of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601.
POLS3335The Circumpolar North3 ch (3C/S) [W]

A comparative analysis of political change and development in the Arctic region. Examples drawn from the Soviet Union, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Nordic Europe; pan-national movements; and Canadian Arctic policy.

POLS3341Comparative Federalism3 ch (3C/S) [W]

A comparison of selected federal state structures. Definition of the problems and prospects of federation in Canada, the United States, Russia and other examples.

POLS3344Latin American Revolutions3 ch [W]

Examines the origins and course of Latin American Revolutions, especially the Mexican and Cuban revolutions (cross-listed with HIST 3591).

Prerequisites: POLS 1301 and POLS 2301 or POLS 2601.

POLS3345Political Behaviour3 ch [W]

An examination of the foundations of political behaviour, public opinion, political participation and political elites.

POLS3355Politics of the Environment3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Focus on the public sensitivity to environmental/ecological issues, political responses to this phenomena, and consequences of those responses. Uses a case-study approach.

POLS3372The State and Economic Interests3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Examines the role of the Canadian state in economic development, with emphasis on the political dimensions of economic policy. Issues include the deficit, industrial policy, and foreign elements.

POLS3375The Political Economics of Asia3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Examines the political structures, decisions and processes underlying Asia's role in the global economy.

POLS3381Politics of Asia3 ch (S) [W]

Examines political resistance, rebellions and revolutions in selected Asian countries.

POLS3401Modern Political Thought3 ch [W]

Examines a selection of major texts from the modern period of Western political theory, encompassing classic statements of conservative, feminist, liberal, and socialist thought. 

POLS3421Selected Topics in the History of Ideas 3 ch (3C/S) [W]

A comparison of various political thinkers on specific themes: natural law from Cicero to Rousseau, social contract theory from Locke to Marx, etc.

POLS3425Canadian Political Ideas3 ch (3S/T) [W]

This course surveys the tradition of Canadian political thought from Confederation to the present.

POLS3433Montesquieu and the Enlightenment3 ch (3S) [W]

The examination of his influence on the Enlightenment.

POLS3445Rosseau and the Enlightenment3 ch (3S) [W]

The examination of his influence on the Enlightenment.

POLS3451Marxism3 ch (3C/S) [W]

A focus on the writings of Karl Marx. Other Marxist theorists may also be examined.

POLS3456Politics Through Film3 ch (3C/S) [W]

Seeks to examine political principles through the medium of film. Tyranny, censorship, totalitarianism, utopia, and liberty will be discussed through an analysis of a variety of films.

POLS3463Liberalism3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Focuses on the core values and the exponents of liberal ideology.

POLS3471Study of Politics Through Literature3 ch (3S) [W]

A multi-disciplinary analysis of the exposition of political ideas in works of classical and contemporary literature.

POLS3473Politics and Media in Canada3 ch [W]

Examines the role of the press as critics and opposition to government & the role of government in regulating media. Designed as an upper level course for students majoring in politics or with a background in media or communications studies.

POLS3483Theories of Rights 3 ch (3S/T) [W]

The concept of “right” and differing perspectives on rights discourse.

POLS3494Democracy3 ch (S/T) [W]

Examines the concept, and the various theories, of democracy.

POLS3501Contemporary Issues in Public Policy3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Examines the major approaches explaining and understanding Canadian public policy, and applies them to a study of major public policy fields.

POLS3601Contemporary Issues in World Politics3 ch (3S) [W]

Deals with current trends on the international scene including the global balance of power, relations between superpowers, ideological conflicts, the developing world, war, revolution, etc.

POLS3603Critical Perspectives on International Relations Theory3 ch (S) [W]

A seminar that centers on frameworks for understanding international relations including: race, nationalism, political geography, de-territorialization, sovereignty, feminism, global communication, humanitarianism, human rights, the state and political space, forms of political conflict, identity theory, ethnography, and globalization. 

POLS3622International Organization and Law3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Study of supra-national organizations, and structures of international conduct; the effect of both on inter-state relationships.

POLS3625Gender and International Politics3 ch [W]

Introduction to the gender aspects of international relations including militarism, nationalism, international political economy, the environment and human rights. 

Prerequisite: POLS 2601 or GEND 2001.

POLS3631Survey of Global Issues3 ch (3S/L) [W]

Current global issues such as war, militarism, the arms race, human rights and social justice, ecological imbalance, economic inequalities, and alternative world organizational structures, considered from international and interdisciplinary perspectives. General-interest course.

POLS3632Urbanization, Poverty and Politics3 ch [W]

This course explores the ways in which urban politics and planning have an effect on poverty and income disparities, and examines the role public and green spaces play in people's everyday lives.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601.
POLS3651Canada and the Americas 3 ch [W]

This course discusses Canadian foreign policy towards the region with special emphasis on the influence of the United States.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601
POLS3671Web Activism3 ch (S) [W]

Examines how Web activists use global communication technology in campaigns against given governments. 

POLS3673Global Communication and International Relations3 ch (S) [W]

Examines the role of global communication media and technologies in international relations. Discussion focuses on inter-governmental interaction, government links to citizens, and the empowerment of sub-state and non-state actors 

POLS3675Global News3 ch (S) [W]

A seminar that focuses on the political meaning of global media communication. The rise of international television news networks will be examined as a factor that influences international relations. 

POLS3677Information Technologies & Conflict3 ch (S) [W]

A seminar based on the examination of new information technologies and their role and impact on conflict. Discussion will focus on a variety of technological applications in order to outline trends, features and theoretical implications. 

POLS3683Human Rights3 ch (3S/T) [W]

An examination of human rights in an international context, including international human rights instruments, and enforcement and the implications of economic, political and cultural globalization for human rights standards.

POLS3685The Politics of Food3 ch [W]

This course provides an overview of the political and policy issues concerning food production and consumption in Canada and around the World.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601.
POLS3901Approaches to Political Research3 ch [W]

A survey of the major approaches and techniques used to research and analyze politics. 

Prerequisite: POLS 2401.

POLS4000Honours Thesis6 ch

Under the direction of a supervisor, an Honours student completes a thesis. Prerequisite: Admission to the Honours programme.

POLS4001Honours Seminar in Politics3 ch (3S/T) [W]

A compulsory seminar course for fourth year Honours students. Provides a broad overview of key debates and some of the most influential writings in the field of political science. 

Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor.

POLS4211Special Topics in Canadian Politics3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Advanced study of a specific subject in Canadian politics. Course topics will change annually.

POLS4214Prime Ministers and Cabinets3 ch [W]

An examination of Canadian prime ministers and federal cabinets with a focus on the centralization of power in the prime minister's office and historical developments in these Canadian political institutions.

Prerequisites: POLS 1201 and at least one of POLS 3101, POLS 3205, POLS 3231, POLS 3241, POLS 3252, POLS 3261, or POLS 3278.
POLS4226Directed Reading in Canadian Politics3 ch [W]

Open to students desiring further specialization, the course requires a research paper in Canadian politics, supervised by an instructor in the subject area.

POLS4311Special Topics in Comparative Politics3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Advanced study of a specific subject in comparative politics. Course topics change annually.

POLS4336Directed Reading in Comparative Politics3 ch [W]

Open to students desiring further specialization, the course requires a research paper in comparative politics, supervised by an instructor in the subject area.

POLS4411Special Topics in Political Theory3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Advanced study of a specific subject in political theory. Course topics change annually.

POLS4416Directed Reading in Political Theory3 ch [W]

The course is open to 4th-year students with a sufficient background and a special interest in political theory. It can be taken only with permission of the relevant instructor.

POLS4501Politics Practicum3 ch (LE)

Independent study course that provides students with volunteer experience working in a politics related organization. It can only be taken with supervision by an instructor in the subject area. Available to Politics Majors or Honours students.

POLS4505Politics, Policy and Prostitution 3 ch [W]

This course examines the political and policy issues around the sex trade in Canada and internationally.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601
POLS4611Special Topics in International Politics 3 ch (3S/T) [W]

Advanced study of a specific subject in international politics. Course topics change annually.

POLS4646Directed Readings in International Politics3 ch [W]

Work on a research essay pertinent to specialized areas in international or comparative politics, under an instructor assigned by the discipline.

POLS4655Drugs, Violence and Global Politics3 ch [W]

This course explores the interplay of violence and illicit drugs with contemporary international politics, the global economy and public policy.

Prerequisite: POLS 1301 or POLS 2601.