Law in Society

Mailing Address: Law in Society Program
c/o Department of Sociology,
University of New Brunswick,
P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, N.B.,
Canada E3B 5A3 
Phone (506) 453-4849
Co-ordinator: Dr. Tia Dafnos


Consulting Committee:

  • Dr. David Bedford (Pols) BA (C’dia), MA, PhD (York)
  • Dr. Jason Bell (Phil), BA (Oaklahoma), PhD (Vanderbilt)
  • Dr. Tia Dafnos (Soci), BA (U of T) MA, PhD (York)
  • Professor Dorothy Duplessis (Admin) BComm, LLB, MBA (Dal), LLM (Lond)
  • Dr. David Hoffman (Soci), BA (Western), MSc (U de Montreal), PhD Waterloo
  • Dr. William Kerr (Clas) BA (Tor), BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (Prin)
  • Dr. Ted McDonald, (Econ) BA (St. F.X.), MCom, PhD (Melbourne)

General Information

Law in Society is an interdepartmental and inter-faculty program involving the Faculties of Administration and of Law, the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research and, in the Faculty of Arts, the departments of Anthropology, Classics and Ancient History, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Based on the premise that law and the character and quality of society are interrelated, the program offers a critical academic examination of the role of law in society and of society in law. Students will study these issues from at least three disciplinary perspectives and may include in their studies examinations of the philosophic, historic, economic, political, and social foundations of law. All of the courses explore one common theme: the connections between law and the social order.


Admission to the Law in Society program is open to students who have successfully completed sixty credit hours toward a degree in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Business Administration. Students must obtain the approval of the department (Arts) or faculty (Administration) in which they major and then apply through the LWSO Coordinator for admission to the Law in Society program. Students should apply during the registration period or immediately thereafter. With permission of the Co-ordinator, students may count for credit in a LWSO Program courses taken before they enter the program. A grade of C or better is required for credit in the Law in Society program. Although not a requirement, students are encouraged to complete PHIL 1101 Critical Thinking before entry into the program.

Programs of Study

Double Major

The Law in Society Double Major consists of 30ch chosen from core and elective courses, as listed below. Of these, 12ch shall be chosen from at least 3 disciplines among the core courses. Additional core courses may be counted as electives. At least 24ch shall be upper level courses (3000 level or above). A grade of C or better is required for credit in the Law in Society program.

Joint Honours

Students intending to complete a Joint Honours must apply in writing to the LWSO Coordinator for admission. Normally, students wishing to complete a joint honours will apply before the start of their 3rd year and have a GPA of at least 3.3 or B+. A Joint Honours consists of 36ch including completion of the requirements for a Double Major and completion of LWSO 5001 .


The Law in Society Minor consists of 24ch chosen from core and elective courses as listed below. Of these, 12ch shall be chosen from at least 3 disciplines among the core courses. At least 18ch shall be upper level courses (3000 level or above). A grade of C or better is required for credit in the Law in Society program.

Core and Elective Courses

Program Courses Core Courses Elective Courses
LWSO 5001 Honours in Law in Society (3 ch) ADM 3123 Business Law I (3 ch)
(UNBSJ: BA 2703)
ADM 3124 Aboriginal Business Law (3 ch)

ADM 4826 Employment Law I (3 ch)

ADM 3875 Labour Relations (3 ch)
ADM 4125 Business Law II (3 ch)
ANTH 3284 Legal Anthropology (3 ch) ADM 4718 Technology, Security, and Risk (3 ch)
CLAS 3293 Roman Law (3 ch) ADM 4827 Workplace Health and Safety (3 ch)
ECON 3845 Introduction to Law and Economics (3 ch) ADM 4878 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (3 ch)
HIST 4851 Law and War (3 ch ) ANTH 2144 Organising Society (3 ch)
HIST 4852 International Governance (3 ch) ANTH 3523 Forensic Anthropology: Identifying the Missing and the Murdered (3 ch)
LWSO 4003 Law and Society (3 ch) ANTH 3662 Canada's First Nations (3 ch)
PHIL 2204 Introduction to Contemporary Issues in the Philosophy of Law (3 ch) ANTH 4204 Gender, Kinship, and Marriage (3 ch)
PHIL 3331 Michel Foucalt's Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (3 ch) ANTH 4244 Anthropologic and Identity (3 ch)
POLS 1503 Law, Power, and Politics (3 ch) CCS 3054 Crimes and Misdemeanours (3 ch) 
POLS 2202 Canadian Politics (3 ch) ECON 3905 Contemporary Issues in the Canadian Economy (3 ch)
POLS 3251 Canadian Federalism (3 ch) ECON 5835 Industrial Organization: Policy (3 ch)
POLS 3257 Law and Politics in Canada (3 ch)
POLS 3282 The Canadian Political System (3 ch)
POLS 3633 International Public Law (3 ch) GWS 1003 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies I
PSYC 3263 Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (3 ch) (UNBSJ ONLY) GWS 2003 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies II
PSYC 3343 The Psychology of Crime (3 ch) GWS 4004 Seminar in Women's Studies
SOCI 3603 Criminology (3 ch)
SOCI 3613 Theories and Perspectives in Criminology (3 ch)
(UNBSJ: SOCI 3610)
SOCI 3636 Restorative Justice (3 ch) HIST 3015 Racism in the West from Antiquity to the Enlightenment to Today (3 ch)
SOCI 4336 Families, Law and Social Policy (3 ch) HIST 3016 Racism in the West from Enlightenment to Today (3 ch)
SOCI 4337 Legal Responses to Family Violence HIST 3331 The Canadian Worker to 1914 (3 ch)
SOCI 4355 Sociology of Law (3 ch)
HIST 3332 The Canadian Worker since 1914 (3 ch)
HIST 3355 Nature, Culture, and the Canadian Environment (3 ch)
HIST 3374 Native People and the State: From the Indian Act to Royal Commission on Aboriginal People (3 ch)
 HIST 3475 Removal, Allotment, Termination, Self-Determination (3 ch)
HIST 3378 First Nations and Canadian Settler Society I (3 ch)
HIST 3379 First Nations and Canadian Settler Society II (3 ch)
HIST 3408 American Radicalism and Reform (3 ch)
HIST 3413 African America (3 ch)
HIST 3414 Imperial America (3 ch)
HIST 3418 North American Slavery (3 ch)
HIST 3812 War and Diplomacy in the Middle East, 1914-84 (3 ch)
HIST 4001 Heretics and Witches in Europe, 1350-1650 (3 ch)
HIST 4003 Women in the Early Modern Atlantic World (3 ch)
HIST 4013 The Holocaust: Victims, Perpetrators, Bystanders (3 ch)
HIST 4341 History of the Atlantic Provinces to Confederation (3 ch)
HIST 4342 History of the Atlantic Provinces after Confederation (3 ch)
HIST 4351 New Brunswick, 1784-1860 (3 ch)
HIST 4352 New Brunswick, 1860 to the Present (3 ch)
HIST 4808 History of the Canadian Forces, 1953 to the Present (3 ch)
HIST 4841 The Spy in History: Intelligence in War and Diplomacy (3 ch)
HIST 5312 Native Peoples and Canadian and American Policy, 1824-1982 (3 ch)
PHIL 1101 Critical Thinking (3 ch)
PHIL 3101 Introduction to Symbolic Logic (3 ch)
PHIL 3205 Contemporary Ethical Theory (3 ch)
PHIL 3302 Later Greek Philosophy (3 ch)
PHIL 3315 20th Century Women Philosophers (3 ch)
PHIL 3316 Michel Foucalt on Sexuality and the Self (3 ch)
PHIL 3601 Liberalism and Its Critics (3 ch)
POLS 2503 Women and Politics (3 ch)
POLS 3103Rights in Conflict in North America (3 ch)
POLS 3211 Canadian Governance in the Global Era (3 ch)
POLS 3247Trudeau's Canada (3 ch)
POLS 3292 Self-Government and Aboriginal Community (3 ch)
POLS 3343 The European Union in Transition (3 ch)
POLS 3415 Liberalism (3 ch)
POLS 3614Ethics and International Politics (3 ch)
POLS 3633 International Public Law (3 ch)
POLS 3713 The Global Economy: Production, Profits, Power, and People (3 ch)
PSYC 3743 Drugs and Behaviour (3 ch)
(UNBSJ: PSYC 2752)
(UNBF: formerly PSYC 3023)
SOCI 2603 Sociology of Deviance (3 ch)
(UNBSJ: SOCI 2603)
SOCI 2613 Delinquency (3 ch)
SOCI 3623 White Collar Crime (3 ch)
SOCI 3634 Violence Against Women (3 ch)
SOCI 3635 Conflict Resolution (3 ch)
SOCI 3900 Sociology of Policing (3 ch)
(UNBSJ Only)
SOCI 4301 Topics in Criminalogy & Socio-legal Studies I (3 ch)
SOCI 4603 Penology and Corrections (3 ch)
(UNBSJ Only)