Political Science

POLS3233Empire and Resistance in New York City: From Wall Street to Zucotti Park (A)3 ch (3c) [W]
This course explores the dynamic relationship between New York City and the contradictions of the American Empire—NYC as the centre of global financial and industrial capital!  Themes explored may include its status as the financial capital of the world, its place in the history of American capitalism, the city’s importance as a site of political resistance, the 9/11 tragedy and its far-reaching repercussions, New York’s continuing prestige as a destination for both tourists and immigrants, its illicit economy, its stark contrasts between wealth and poverty, the city’s artistic, ethnic, and cultural richness, and its role as home to the United Nations.  To explore these themes, we will visit museums, art galleries, monuments, political organizations, media outlets, neighbourhoods, governmental organizations, and other related sites around the five boroughs.  Normally taught on location.