International Development Studies

International Development Studies program description.

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

IDS1103Concepts and Perspectives 3 ch (3C) [W]

Examines the multiplicity of factors that shape contemporary development processes in local, national and global contexts, focusing on how social actors are able to impose, resist and transform the disruptive processes unleashed by globalization. Perspectives, case studies, and theories are drawn from across the range of humanities and social-science disciplines. IDS 2003 can replace IDS 2001 for degree requirements. Exclusions: Students cannot obtain credit for more than one of the following: IDS 1103, IDS 2003 or IDS 2001.

IDS2103International Development: Policies and Practices3 ch (3C) [W]

This course introduces students to the formulation and implementation of development policies. Topics may include institutional dynamics of development organizations, development planning, ethical issues relating to development and fundraising, as well as a consideration of the role the state, inter-governmental organizations (e.g. United Nations), non-governmental organizations (e.g. Oxfam) and community initiatives in the drafting of development policy. Students cannot obtain credit for more than one of the following: IDS 2103, IDS 3002 or IDS 3003.

Prerequisite: One of IDS 1103, IDS 2001, IDS 2003 or permission of the instructor.

IDS3903Independent Study in International Development Studies3 ch (R) [W]
Upon application through the Coordinator of the International Development Studies program, students in IDS may undertake independent studies with a faculty member of the program. It is expected that students will have a clear idea of their intended area of study and must submit a written proposal justifying it as an independent studies course. No student will be allowed to take more than 3ch of independent study in completing the IDS requirements for a Joint Honours or Double Major program. Independent studies courses will not count as meeting the Honours thesis requirements.
IDS4003International Development Studies Practicum3 ch

This course integrates learning with a community based service project on an overseas international development initiative. The aim is to enrich students' education by providing a unique opportunity for acquiring first-hand skills and experiences. Students must consult with the IDS Co-ordinator to develop their Practicum prior to registration. The course is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.

Prerequisite: One of IDS 1103, IDS 2003, IDS 2103,  IDS 3003, or permission from the instructor.
IDS4103Advanced Topics in International Development Studies3 ch (3S) [W]

This course explores evolving perspective and schools of thought in the field of International Development Studies ranging from earlier modernization theory through to recent 'grassroots postmodernism.' Specific subjects covered may include the movement of peoples, the legacy of failed states and protracted regional conflicts, agrarian transformation, the impact of infra-structural projects, the question of sustainable development, global development organizations, and political resistance.

Prerequisite: One of IDS 2103, IDS 3002, IDS 3003, or permission from the instructor.

IDS4203Development Project Design3 ch (3S) [W]

This course considers the practical and transferable management skills necessary to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development projects, using group discussions, realistic project scenarios, and exercise simulations.

Prerequisite: One of IDS 2103, IDS 3002, IDS 3003, or permission from the instructor..

IDS4900Honours Thesis in International Development Studies6 ch R [W]

This course is compulsory for Honours students. The student conducts an independent research project on an important issue concerning international development studies under the direction of a member of the IDS program.

Prerequisite: One of IDS 2103, IDS 3002, IDS 3003 or permission from the instructor.