FOR2946Bioethics, Emotional Intelligence, and the Nature of Spirituality3 ch (3C)
This course is aimed at bringing together the three notions cited in the title with respect to actions taken and decisions made as life interacts among individuals and groups in today's world. Emphasis will be placed primarily on the disciplines of Forestry and Biology. The course will include: a) an introduction to principles and systems of ethics and what light these cast on human behavior; b) emotional intelligence and its usefulness in understanding basic human interactions; and c) spirituality in terms of a common element in human nature. With this background, consideration will then be given to dynamics of decision-making, individually as well as collectively, concepts and assumptions about the environment, the rights of nature, conflicting values about nature implicit in anthropocentrism and biocentrism, and the need for interdisciplinary dialoguing in the formulation of policy, laws, and regulations.