ENGL3987Fashioning the Nation: North American Television and Fashion3ch (3C) (W)
This course explores the recent significance of television, its impact on the fashion industry, and the ways in which television itself has become part of the business of the creation, marketing, and consumption of fashion, from haute couture to mass market brands. In particular the course considers how the coupling of fashion and television has important implications for contemporary definitions of citizenship. It is suitable for students across faculties, and may be of particular interest to those in Business, Media Arts and Culture, English, History, Sociology, Economics, and Psychology. Texts range from novels and children’s books to episodes of Sex and the CityWhat Not to Wear (British and US versions), Mad MenFashion PoliceHouse of Cards, and Project Runway. The course will be run in a discussion format, and the formal evaluation will include a final essay, a group presentation, short essays, and an in-class test; there will be no final exam.