ENGL3909Film Genre: Zombies3 ch (3C) [W]
Zombie films make up one of the longest living sub-genres of horror, though representations of zombies have evolved from exoticized monstrous figures from Haiti, to cannibalistic brain eaters and eventually to infectious bodies carrying epidemics. This course will explore the evolution of zombies from studio pictures starring Bella Lugosi, to B-movies featuring fighting ninjas and murdering cheerleaders, through to modern film zombies who look uncannily like the unconscious bored populace and/or become a loving family pet. Zombies are never simply undead; they always reflect something about our changing lives and fears. These films also permit us to explore the murky spaces between high and low culture, the history and development of horror films as a genre, and the aesthetics of fear. Students will be expected to write a research paper, give a small seminar presentation, and complete weekly reading quizzes.