Comparative Cultural Studies

CCS4053Culture and Film: The Cinema of Transitional Democracies (O)3 ch (3C) [W]

Examines a selection of important films from Germany, Latin America and the Caribbean, Poland, Russia, and Spain. The selection will be tied to questions arising from the recent movement of these cultures from various forms of autocracy to new and emerging forms of democracy. Seeing film both as a medium of artistic expression and as a carrier of social values, the course seeks to develop an understanding of the moving image not only in its aesthetic and narrative modes, but also in socio-cultural, political, and historical contexts. Screenings are in the evening. Conducted in English. Open to students who have completed at least 30 ch of university courses or by permission of instructor. Students who have taken WLCS 4053 may not attain credit for CCS 4053.