Classics and Ancient History

CLAS3333From Kingship to Democracy: The Art and Archaeology of Greece (A)3 ch (3C) [W]

From prehistoric settlement to the great city states and from the monumental works and 'masterpieces' of art to the humble tomb and domestic pot, this course presents the material remains of a culture which continues to inspire artists, architects, engineers and city planners worldwide. The material is examined within a political, religious, and social context with the aid of historical documents, anthropological studies, and modern science. Topics include the contributions of eastern Mediterranean cultures (Egypt, Phoenicia, etc.), the development of the architectural orders (Doric, Ionic) and free-standing male and female sculpture, the ancient theatre, and the development of democracy as interpreted through the archaeological record are just some of the topics covered.

Students cannot receive credit for both CLAS 2303 and CLAS 3333.