Sexual Harassment Policy 

Sexual harassment is unwanted attention of a sexual nature, often with an underlying element of threat or coercion. It can also include sexist remarks or verbal abuse directed towards a person or a gender. There are four major dimensions of sexual harassment:

  1. when acceptance or rejection of sexual advances is a condition of education or employment;

  2. when acceptance or rejection of sexual advances affects grades, performance evaluations, or any academic or personnel decisions that concern the student or employee;

  3. when conduct of a sexual nature interferes with work or creates an intimidating, hostile, offensive or humiliating environment;

  4.  when sexual remarks and behaviour of an individual or group of individuals, which may not be physically threatening, create an environment that makes you uncomfortable.

You can contact, on a confidential basis, a Sexual Harassment Advisor, whose role is to provide you with support and information on the options available to you, both informal and formal. Advisors' names and telephone numbers are listed below. The Policy and Procedure on Sexual Harassment of the University of New Brunswick provides several options for action which include: The Direct Approach, Intervention By An Advisor, Mediation, and Formal Investigation. 

The complete Policy can be accessed at: