Food Services

Fredericton Campus 

On campus food services are provided:

  1. In the three residence dining halls with residence students having the choice of five dining plans with varying combinations of structured meals and discretionary cash. Students who live-off campus also have the option of buying various dining plans or occasional meals on a cash basis;

  2. In the Student Union Building, Head Hall, Harriet Irving Library, IUC, D'Avry Hall and McLaggan Hall; and

  3. In vending machines located in many University buildings.

    General information concerning food services, vending, and beverage contracts may be obtained from the Executive Director, Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services whose office is in the Residence Administration Building or by calling 453-4800 or by e-mailing:

     Information concerning planning an on-campus event involving food or beverages, or hosting a conference on campus may be obtained from the Conference Co-ordinator at Residential Life, Campus & Conference Services in the Residence Administration Building, 453-4800 or e-mail: If for specific facilities, contact the Director of the Wu Centre, 458-7803, e-mail: